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Not for Profit Trends & Collaborative Benchmarking – Webinar On-Demand

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Presented by Jenny Cooke Smith, Blackbaud
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Not for Profit Trends & Collaborative Benchmarking

As a fundraiser you have multiple campaigns and programs set up to help achieve your set goals and mission objectives.

However, if you were asked to take a holistic look at your donor database would you know your strengths and weaknesses? Or what growth opportunity areas exist in your current donor database?

How could you change your overall fundraising strategy to ensure you can meet your objectives. Most fundraisers are missing the basic understanding and benchmarking across their fundraising efforts.

We’re excited to invite you to join us for this complimentary on-demand webinar where you’ll learn:

  • Multi-year trends for both regular and recurring giving
  • How you stack up with retention rates across the industry
  • How to maximise your fundraising efforts across multiple channels and achieve long-term value from your supporters
  • The best ways you can improve your fundraising efficiency and resource allocation
  • Don’t miss the chance to hear from our experts and steer your fundraising in the right direction.

We hope you’ll enjoy the on-demand session!
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