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Impact Investment: Measurement & Value Webinar On-demand

FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Impact Investment: Measurement and Value
Presented by Clive Pedley / Giving Architects
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Impact Investment: Measurement and Value

There has been much talk in recent years in the social-purpose and charity sector about impact investment and measurement, but how much do we actually know about it?

If you want to learn the background on what impact investment is and how to develop a plan for impact measurement and reporting, this complimentary on-demand webinar Impact Investment – Measurement and Value is for you!

This webinar session will cover areas such as:

  • What is impact investment and measurement?
  • Why is impact measurement an essential evolution of reporting by the not for profit sector?
  • What are the three main reasons your not for profit should be reporting on impact?
  • How can impact measurement improve donor and funder engagement and outcomes?

How can you utilise impact measurement as a basis for future grants and investment?