How Good Data Builds Great Organisations

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How Good Data Builds Great Organisations

Discover why data may be your most strategic asset – and how to increase your impact through effective data management.

Quality data is a very important resource for any organisation in this day and age. For fundraisers, it can mean the difference between a ‘just OK’ campaign and an awesome campaign that gets lots of traction. Therefore good data can help increase the impact your mission makes. But how can you harness the power of data to grow your organisation and what is effective data management?

In this complimentary whitepaper, Gregory Dellas, CRM and Managed Services Practice Manager at Blackbaud Pacific shares:

  • Why data may be your most strategic asset
  • How to manage your data well and grow your data maturity
  • The risks of poor data management
  • Practical steps to improve your data management
  • How to increase your impact through effective data management

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