CRM: The Critical Foundation of Your Engagement Ecosystem

A conversation in implementing successful Enterprise Level CRM

CRM: The Critical Foundation of Your Engagement Ecosystem

In today’s competitive environment it is vital more than ever to create strong personal relationships with your donors and supporters to help increase loyalty and retention. This is why a powerful supporter engagement and customer experience strategy is so important. One of the most important tools at your fingertips is your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

The foundation for any effective CRM strategy starts with the end in mind and consideration of the capabilities that your organisation already has. CRM is more than just technology – it is a competitive business strategy designed to increase engagement, manage your valuable donors/supporter relationships and retention strategy.

In this paper we delve into conversation with Gregory Dellas, Strategic Engagement Manager, who provides us with an in-depth perspective of the vital steps required to implement an effective enterprise CRM system.

You’ll also discover:

  • How to better manage your data, understand your data and its long term value along the implementation journey
  • How to get the best resources for the project and why organisational change management is critical for your overall success
  • How to strike that balance between technology and business strategy

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