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In the crowded nonprofit industry you need to stay ahead of the competition for donors, grants, and mindshare.
Our fundraising whitepapers and ideas for nonprofits are based on primary and secondary nonprofit research on the industry,
and can help you benchmark your organisation against peers.

Whitepaper: Blackbaud's State of Integration Report 2019

Get the results of the State of Integration survey and discover how to achieve stronger supporter data through the power of integration.

Whitepaper: How Good Data Builds Great Organisations

Discover why data may be your most strategic asset – and how to increase your impact through effective data management in the complimentary whitepaper.

Whitepaper: Powerful Relationships Through Meaningful Moments

Download this complimentary whitepaper and take your supporters on a journey they won’t forget!

Raiser’s Edge NXT™ Product Report

Based on 149 end-user reviews and ratings of Raiser's Edge NXT on TrustRadius

Download this report to help you make an informed decision about Raiser’s Edge NXT.

Whitepaper: CRM: The Critical Foundation of Your Engagement Ecosystem

Download this paper and discover how to implement an effective enterprise CRM system

Tipsheet: Spending All Your Time Sifting Through Grant Applications?

Learn how to expedite the grant application process while minimising ineligible and incomplete applications.

Datasheet: eTapestry Cart Module

Learn how the eTapestry Cart can provide shopping cart functionality and a new way of reporting and storing purchase transactions. To see screenshots on how this works, click here.

Whitepaper: How to Supercharge Your Not for Profit’s Year-End Fundraising

The last six to eight weeks of the year might be your organisation’s busiest and most productive time of year. This whitepaper will take a look at by year-end fundraising is so important, the 5 rules of supercharged year-end fundraising & more.

Whitepaper: Why Fundraisers Want Raiser's Edge NXT™

Keen to learn more about how Raiser’s Edge NXT can benefit your organisation and you as a fundraiser? Check out this free whitepaper by Bill Connors, CFRE, bCRE-Pro, an independent consultant and trainer on the Blackbaud fundraising software Raiser’s Edge NXT.

Tipsheet: Let’s Get Social - Developing Your Not for Profit’s Online Fundraising Plan

Online fundraising will become increasingly important over the next 10 years as technology continues to advance the digital space. Here are a few online fundraising tips for going social.

Study: Total Economic Impact™

Earlier this year, we commissioned an independent Forrester Research Study to find out the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of Raiser’s Edge NXT.

Free Guide: Selecting Fundraising Software

This workbook will guide you through the five main steps to take when selecting software for your organisation. Each step is important in the decision-making process and ultimately finding the right solution for you.

Tipsheet: Turning Data Into Dollars

Data quality can make or break the success of your fundraising and outreach. By keeping your donor database updated and in mint condition, you’ll prevent missed funding opportunities and create new ones at the same time. What’s the best way to keep your data in great shape? It all begins with a data health plan.

Tipsheet: Five Channels To Create a Succesful Online Strategy

The digital experience is increasingly important as more of your donors, constituents, fundraisers, and community members go online to learn about your organisation and how best to support it. Take a look at our top five tips that will help you create a roadmap for your organisation’s future online success.

Tipsheet: 10 Tips for Converting Event Donors

Peer-to-peer fundraising is going to be a big part of every not for  profit’s strategy for the next few years. Check out 10 tips on how to convert event donors into lifelong supporters.

Annual Report: Higher Education Alumni Giving

Dive deeper into the donor lifecycle of your alumni.
The 2015 donorCentrics Annual Report on Higher Education Alumni Giving looks at alumni participation, donor retention, reactivation, and donor acquisition trends from more than 200 institutions around the US. Find out how your institution compares.

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