Blackbaud is delighted to bring on board its 100th Raiser's Edge NXT™ customer

We’d like to congratulate Garvan Research Foundation for signing up as our 100th Raiser’s Edge NXT ™ customer.

Garvan Research Foundation has been a long serving customer of Blackbaud for many years, so we are thrilled to be embarking on this journey to move the organisation to the Raiser’s Edge NXT solution.

Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing Brad Timms, Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications at Garvan Research Foundation and captured some key insights into why the organisation decided to make the move to Raiser’s Edge NXT.

The journey begins for Garvan Research Foundation

Garvan Research Foundation’s journey to switch to Raiser’s Edge NXT began when the organisation started its search for online donation pages.

Brad Timms, Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications reached out to Blackbaud after initial discussions around NXT had occurred a few months earlier, but still had a few initial concerns around the solution being so new.

“At first, I was hesitant because it was such a new solution in the market, but now that Raiser’s Edge NXT has become well-established,
with reputable charities using it, we decided to take the leap and transition to Raiser’s Edge NXT making the critical move in early 2018,”
reinforces Timms.

“When we had the first demo of NXT we immediately realised the solution was much more user-friendly, had a better capability to display information in terms of dashboards and would provide greater value to our relationship managers.” —Brad Timms

Taking the NXT step

Garvan Research Foundation acquires most of its funding from philanthropists, and major donors – and with ambitious targets set for the team, the aim of the organisation is to help increase this funding, so they can increase their impact – and at the heart of it all is the ability to improve the management of its internal data and information.

As noted by Timms, the move to Raiser’s Edge NXT presents Garvan Research Foundation with a timely opportunity to improve the management of information and ways of presenting this information to its relationship managers.

“It would enable the relationship managers to do their jobs in a more efficient way, saving them time, instead of pulling reports and manipulating data as they are currently doing through spreadsheets,” continues Timms

Some of the other stand out features of the solution include that it’s a cloud based solution – which means Garvan has the reassurance that it is both safe and secure plus the mobile aspect of the solution enables the organisation to push the ‘people on the go’ element with Raiser’s Edge NXT.

The future with Raiser's Edge NXT

From a forward-looking perspective it’s evident that Raiser’s Edge NXT can bring long term benefits to Garvan Research Foundation.
“It enables us to future proof our business and this was definitely an important consideration for us when deciding to make the move.”

“There’s no doubt that Raiser’s Edge NXT will enable my team to really delve into who our donors are at both an individual level as well as across the entire Garvan supporter base. It’s also a lot more intuitive and requires minimal data manipulation which is an added benefit.” – Brad Timms

According to Timms, because of the user-friendly and intuitive aspect of Raiser’s Edge NXT, he believes more people on the team would likely utilise NXT over the classic Raiser’s Edge, and this would reduce some of the barriers for team members saving and sharing information on the database and as a result improve the overall knowledge management for the organisation.

Across the entire organisation there will be up to 20 people utilising the solution once implemented in early 2018.

“The key power users of the solution will be the Philanthropy team, Fundraising team plus all of our supporter services team,” highlights

One of the distinct advantages for Garvan in bringing on board NXT is that it will make its team members more independent.

Garvan Research Foundation will also serve to gain immensely from NXT’s sophisticated analytics and reporting capability.

“In the future we are expecting much better and improved reporting that will help the team gain a better grasp of their individual portfolio,”
says Timms.

“At the moment we have a data insights person that individual team members access to gather insights around data – but at times this
represents a bottleneck for the team, as everyone at some point needs access to this person.”

“When NXT comes on board this person will no longer need to be the ‘go to person’ as individuals can now do the reporting themselves and
therefore be a lot more independent,” emphasises Timms.

The plan for Garvan Research Foundation is to transition to Raiser’s Edge NXT in the first few months of 2018 – the sooner the transition
occurs the sooner they will start to reap the immediate benefits that this donor management solution will bring to their business.

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