Charles Darwin University and Raiser's Edge NXT™

Charles Darwin University (CDU) has been a long-time user of Raiser’s Edge.

In 2014, Events & Raiser’s Edge Officer, Karen Glazbrook, attended bbcon, Blackbaud’s fundraising conference, and viewed the pre-release of Raiser’s Edge NXT™.

“I knew immediately we had to have it,” reflects Karen.

As a University with a very lean admin team, Karen knew that Raiser’s Edge NXT had the potential to help them accomplish their 10-year plan of making Raiser’s Edge the engagement tool for all key stakeholders University wide. After only 3 months in Raiser’s Edge NXT that plan has quickly become a reality.

The Challenge

Raiser’s Edge was originally purchased for the foundation to track gift income, however once other departments saw its functionality, particularly within the events and student recruitment teams, other teams began to utilise the functionality in Raiser’s Edge, which weren’t available in other solutions. CDU’s challenges were limited user licenses and user acceptance of the database. Limiting the cross University uptake of the tool.

“We were also resource poor, we have one person who really maintains the database and regular IT updates and patches were a continuous challenge to get updated on every individual PC using Raiser’s Edge,” said Karen.

The Solution

Migrating from Raiser’s Edge Classic to Raiser’s Edge NXT was a simple solution for the team who had already invested in Raiser’s Edge years before, plus the benefit of being hosted in Blackbaud’s environment eliminated one of their main IT challenges. They believed the easy to use and simple interface of Raiser’s Edge NXT would help increase the user acceptance of Raiser’s Edge across the University.

“During our staff training, one of the staff members said, ‘Oh, it’s just like Facebook!’. That was a big win for me – they couldn’t wait to get back to their desk to start using Raiser’s Edge NXT because of how easy and intuitive it is.”

The Result

Within 3 months of migrating to Raiser’s Edge NXT, the University’s active users increased from 3 to 19! They expect to see this number increase to 50 staff actively using Raiser’s Edge NXT in the next few months.

“This is a big win for me – staff who for years wouldn’t log into Raiser’s Edge now want to use the tool because it’s clean, clear and simple to use. If they need something more complex they can come to me,” shared Karen. “It’s enabled me to focus more on data hygiene and data integrity, instead of answering really simple questions. Even if someone is only going into the system once a week or ad hoc, they’re able to figure it out for themselves. Our training is now more focused on helping users find what they need to do and letting them customise their screen and workflow to get the results they need.”

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