Aid to the Church in Need and OLX

Aid to the Church in Need, Australia (ACN) is a unique Catholic charity under the guidance of the Vatican. ACN assists the Church whenever it is poor, persecuted or threatened. Areas of assistance include: the training of Seminarians, assisting poor Priests and Religious Sisters in developing Countries, Construction of Churches and provision of transport.

The Challenges

Fundraising plays an integral part for the Aid to the Church in Need. Some of the key challenges faced by the charity was the lack of a facility for recurring gifts online, a maturing database, and a web store that had been created over ten years ago.
Security was another key imperative for the Aid to the Church in Need. Jacqui Keady, Media Manager at Aid to the Church In Need emphasised how at this point, what they required was a solution that was easy to set up and user friendly.

“We were also resource poor, we have one person who really maintains the database and regular IT updates and patches were a continuous challenge to get updated on every individual PC using Raiser’s Edge,” said Karen.

The Solution

In early 2016 the Aid to the Church in Need made the decision to purchase Online Express (OLX). The charity used it for their online fundraising campaigns, newsletter email marketing and also as a facility for recurring gifts online.
The implementation of Online Express made a huge impact to the charity, and with Online Express being integrated into one, this was a huge bonus for the Aid to the Church in Need. The integration streamlined the entire online fundraising process for the charity.
According to Jacqui and to no-one’s surprise OLX was simple to set up and user-friendly.

“We leveraged from an easy to use interface that was really easy to set up,” said Jacqui.

In fact, the ability for OLX to plug so easily into Raiser’s Edge was an added advantage reinforces Jacqui.

“I have never seen a plug-in integrate so quickly and easily into our Raiser’s Edge database with minimal glitches,” she said.

The Result

When asked about the ROI gained from the investment in OLX and the benefits she reaped in return, Jacqui highlighted how the ROI was just simply impressive.

“We must have recouped what was spent in a year on OLX in just a couple of weeks,” Jacqui commented.
“The ROI was truly impressive and everyone across the organisation really loves using the product.”

Aid to the Church in Need also gained amazing marketing results that enabled them to see what was working and what was not.
One of the added benefits were the statistics that ACN could pull that included which donors were opening their newsletters. This could then be recorded straight back into Raiser’s Edge, making it simple and effective from a reporting perspective.
For ACN’s online fundraising campaigns they could also see the open and click through rates which were phenomenal.

Jacqui noted

“We could also monitor the success of our campaigns and see our email open rates at 58% and click through rate of 30%.”

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