Raiser's Edge NXT

Redefine What a Fundraising System Can Do

Introducing a Not for Profit CRM that is built for the future.
Save time, eliminate workarounds & make fundraising easy.

All About Not for Profits

Say goodbye to third party apps and hidden costs.

Raiser’s Edge NXT is an all-inclusive system.
Built from the ground up, with fundraising, database efficiency and
supporter engagement in mind.

Take the complexity out of development, thanks to simple,
personalised and user-friendly features:


How well do you really know your supporters?
See all your constituents, gift history, hours volunteered etc. in a single screen.


One click reporting, you can trust.
Donor acquisition and retention made easy, with sophisticated analytics that that sheds light on at-risk and lapsing supporters.


Raise your marketing game.
Online & event marketing tools that allow you to segment your audience, run email & social campaigns, promote events, and measure results.


Eliminate third party payment apps.
Drive new revenue from online donations, memberships and events. Transactions are processed and posted automatically.


Personalised information & Actions.
We understand that Database Managers need different information to CEOs. Gain live insight & suggested tasks based on your unique role.


A CRM for the whole organisation.
Gone are the days of the ‘under-utilised fundraising system’. Raiser’s Edge NXT is so simple to use that everyone will want to get involved. And with unlimited licences at no extra cost, now they can.


Eliminate IT updates & reduce risk.
Full cloud integration saves time and admin costs, while ensuring your data ‘gold’ is kept safe. 24/7 mobile access enables you to move as fast as your supporters.

Raiser's Edge NXT Benefits

Raiser’s Edge NXT caters for the needs of your entire company. Be it your Fundraisers, Executive Team, Database Managers or for the purposes of Higher Education we connect every department enabling you to #PowerYourPassion.

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Raiser's Edge NXT for the Fundraiser

Efficiency is everything to a fundraiser. Less time spent on admin leaves more time (and energy) to engage supporters! Raiser’s Edge NXT brings fundraising innovation to life:


Eliminate 3 rd party apps & IT updates. Online fundraising, email marketing payment processing & event management all in the cloud.


Understand your supporters. A complete view of gift history, hours volunteered & events attended in a single screen.


View key fundraising metrics at the click of a mouse. The intuitive dashboard makes analysing data to power your fundraising easy.


Fundraise on the go! Unlimited user licences mean your whole team can access records in real time across all devices.


Unlike other platforms we have no secret add-ons or hidden costs. Just one, simple, yet extraordinary fundraising system.

Raiser's Edge NXT for the Executive

Getting fast, actionable insight is crucial for leaders. Stay in control and make decisions that drive real results. Raiser’s Edge NXT is the fundraising system you can trust.


Everything you need to lead. Track team performance, engage with supporters and direct activities all from one simple, user-friendly system.


Get to know your supporters in seconds. A complete view of donor information, gift history, event attendance etc. in a single screen.


Data analytics made easy. Monitor the overall health of your organisation & track donor acquisition, retention and revenue with one-click reporting and intuitive dashboards.


Live insight, direct to your mobile. An online Work Centre that delivers personalised recommendations and suggested tasks based on your unique role.


No secret add-ons or hidden costs. A cloud-based system that eliminates, IT updates, 3rd party apps and back-office admin costs.

Raiser's Edge NXT for the Database Administrator

Data integrity and reliability is your lifeblood. If only there were enough hours in the day to do it all! Work smarter, not harder and empower your team to do more. Raiser’s Edge NXT is the Intelligent fundraising system.


Eliminate manual updates and admin. Supporter activity tracked and online payments processed – then automatically posted to your database.


Empower team members. Role-based dashboards enable people to easily access key information reducing the demands on your time.


Data analytics made easy. Create customised reports, dashboards and KPIs then view in a simple, intuitive screen.


Improve your data accuracy by leveraging built-in address validation software to make sure your direct mail pieces never go astray again.


No secret add-ons or hidden costs. A cloud-based system that eliminates IT updates, 3rd party apps and reduces back-office admin costs.

Raiser's Edge NXT for Higher Education

Advancing your institution is a complex business. Imagine a system that connects every department and streamlines your supporter strategy. Raiser’s Edge NXT is the HIGHER education CRM.


Eliminate manual customisation. Engage Alumni, run email marketing campaigns, manage major donors & process payments, in one, purpose-built, higher education system.


Understand your students & supporters. A complete view of constituent profiles, relationship history and gift information, in a slick, user-friendly environment.


Become one, connected institution. Cut through the complexity of multiple faculties and departments with an innovative role-based work centre, sophisticated security and unlimited user licences.


Never lose track of your alumni again. Built-in address checking software that updates records if supporters relocate.


No secret add-ons or hidden costs. A cloud-based system that eliminates IT updates, 3rd party apps and back-office admin costs.

NXT Impact Stories

We selected Raiser’s Edge NXT based on its portability, accessibility and ease of use and this is important for an organisation that’s very much focused on major donor engagement.  It’s enabled my field staff to access supporter information easily, no matter where they are and provide a better level of personal engagement to our supporters. We can also more easily capture relevant and timely information on our supporters through its reporting capability – and this was a key selling point.
Nic Capp
Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
Quick. Easy. Intuitive. Faster searching, faster data entry, summary information at a glance.
Kay Connell
It’s not about the activities of today.  It’s about ensuring that we have the innovation capability in the sector to drive what we need to do tomorrow.
NAB Sector Report 2015
It’s been like having an extra person in the office.
Manchester Grammar School
NXT as a mobile product will save us so much time and money.
Hope for Children
The revenue results from Raiser’s Edge NXT online fundraising were tremendous, and I attribute that to the streamlined and easy-to-use online donation pages.

The Total Economic Impact™ Study

Learn what a year with Raiser’s Edge NXT could do for you.


Raiser’s Edge NXT is a holistic solution – with online, payments support, and training in one subscription price.

Get started quickly with minimal upfront investment and all-inclusive, budget-appropriate packages.

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