Get Ready to Grow Your Fundraising

Are you a smaller Not for Profit who is thinking BIG?

Introducing eTapestry

Affordable. Easy-to-learn. All-inclusive.
The most popular CRM solution for small charities. 

All About Not for Profits

Say goodbye to spreadsheets!

eTapestry is a cloud-based fundraising solution, designed to save time and help your organisation grow.

Built with smaller charities and not for profits in mind, eTapestry has everything you need to take your fundraising and supporter relationships to the next level.

Overcome the challenge of limited resources, with this simple, yet game-changing system.

Why Choose eTapestry?

eTapestry is ‘like having an extra fundraiser in the office’


Get your life back!
Online fundraising, email marketing, payment processing & supporter management all in the one place.


Understand your supporters.
A simple dashboard showing every donation, conversation, interaction and volunteering activity.


Fundraise on the go!
All you need is an internet connection and you can access records in real time on your mobile, laptop or tablet.


No secret add-ons or hidden costs.
A single, all-inclusive fundraising system and a single, straightforward price.

Achieve Unlimited Growth

On average, not for profits achieve more than $30,000 in extra fundraising revenue in their first year using eTapestry and
continue to grow the longer they use the system*.


6% Incremental Growth

Contributing to $31,584 extra fundraising dollars.


15% Incremental Growth

Contributing to $79,827 extra fundraising dollars.


37% Incremental Growth

Contributing to $195,825 extra fundraising dollars.


161% Incremental Growth

Contributing to $857,864 extra fundraising dollars.

*Data shown is from nearly 1,300 US eTapestry clients and reflects the average amount raised each year with eTapestry.


Everything in the one place.
Stop juggling multiple systems. One platform to manage your supporter database, send marketing emails, take payments and run reports.


Immediate insight into your most loyal & lapsing supporters.
A single-screen, intuitive view of every interaction, activity and donation.


Track your P2P Fundraising Campaigns.
Get to know your fundraising teams & link your database to participant’s engagement and donations raised.


Supercharge your communications.
Segment your database and send automated, personalised emails to show instant appreciation to your supporters and ensure they feel connected.


Zero click reporting, you can trust.
Forget exporting data for your monthly reports. See your database, financial and campaign performance in an instant with a range of high-level and in-depth pre-built reports.


Eliminate IT updates & reduce risk.
Full cloud integration saves time and admin costs, while ensuring your data ‘gold’ is kept safe. 24/7 mobile access enables you to move as fast as your supporters.

eTapestry Impact Stories

We eTapestry! So easy to use and the Blackbaud team are always very helpful.
Laura O’Reilly
Fighting Chance Australia
eTapestry gave us a really good way to consolidate a number of challenges we were having around tracking fundraising, tracking our relationships with people and also just a straight out communications challenge.
Laura O’Reilly
Fighting Chance Australia
eTapestry is easy to implement and operate and staff can pretty much get on and use it immediately.
Vivienne Shahin
The Duke of Edinburgh Award in Australia
Donations went up 23% and our average gift size doubled in the first year we used eTapestry.
Vicki Keenan
Rosies Youth Mission


Pay as you GROW

Only pay for what you use, with packages starting at $175 a month.
eTapestry users typically find that eTapestry pays for itself after the first campaign achieving more than $30,000 in extra fundraising revenue in their first year.

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