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About Efforts to Outcomes (ETO)

ETO allows organisations to translate data into knowledge in order to actively monitor progress toward outcomes while continuously improving service delivery. Manage program performance & actively monitor participant progress with an intuitive and full-featured reporting engine.

ETO brings a performance management approach to improving the lives of participants under your care.

In an effort to start filling this gap for communities we have been searching for providers and products. The best one we have found to date is Efforts to Outcomes.”
— Dawn O’Neil and Kerry Graham, Collective Impact Australia


A flexible web-based case management solution to meet any organisational need.

  • Gain visibility into how your organisation fulfills its mission.
  • Track your efforts, report on the return on investment outcomes and demonstrate value of case work and services provided to program funders.
  • Increase operational efficiency by streamlining case management procedures and reducing the burden of data entry for frontline staff.


Tie very tangible efforts to seemingly intangible outcomes and demonstrate results.

  • Clearly understand and communication the impact of their work.
  • Use customisable scorecards to quickly and easily compare the efforts expended for a given participant, family, or program with the outcomes achieved.
  • Measure the progression of program participants, and the impact of programs on these participants over time.
  • Identify effective practices and make data-informed adjustments to programming.


Bridge the gap between disparate services, programs and organisations aimed at improving their communities through collaboration and data sharing.

Meet your goals in providing social services and also expand your reach and bolster community service efforts in conjunction with like-minded service entities in your community.


Quantify and monetise social outcomes and manage performance to maximise your social Return on Investment.

  • Track real-time results of programs and make real-time adjustments to improve on those results.
  • Capture data to establish a baseline and work to improve those benchmarks.
  • Connect client histories across programs and time so they can see what’s working.


A robust model for protecting critical information.

Utilise user name and password functionality to prevent unauthorised application access and roles to restrict user access to components or programs within the application. Plus hosting in a world class managed data centre infrastructure in Sydney.


Web service based integration tailored to meet your preferences, timeline and budget.

Flexible configuration options and a robust menu of features meet any organisational needs for case management software, program performance management, and reporting to funders and stakeholders.

Solutions for Any Organisation

ETO software will provide a crucial piece of infrastructure to burgeoning Promise Neighborhoods, as well as help us communicate the results of Promise Neighborhood efforts to a larger audience in order to advocate for more comprehensive community change efforts. This is the system we need to help Promise Neighborhoods be more than a federal initiative.”
— Michael McAfee, Director, Promise Neighborhoods Institute

ETO Impact

Software for small and medium sized not for profit organisations

ETO Impact is designed to help you measure the incremental progress of your programs, and demonstrate impact to funders and key stakeholders both quickly and easily.

This case management system allows you to easily customise intake with flexible demographics, track attendance and identify the needs of each participant, analyse trends, document the daily performance of caseworkers, and prepare detailed reports.

Expanded features include increased flexibility, a more robust menu, further reporting, reimbursement software features, and enhanced non-profit web software capability.

ETO Impact will allow you to coordinate organisational efforts, improve service delivery, and allocate resources to the benefit of the community.

ETO Collaborative

Software designed to improve service delivery across multiple organisations

ETO Collaborative is designed to help efficiently coordinate service delivery across multiple social services organisations.

Relevant information is disclosed to trusted parties while ensuring a high level of security. Users will also be granted access to multiple coordinated agencies, thereby guaranteeing that they receive more comprehensive benefits.

You will also have access to tools that allow you to understand and adapt to changing services needs and volumes within your communities, through a shared referral and participant information platform.

By helping to bridge the gap between disparate services, programs and organisations, ETO Collaborative will help to dramatically improve your organisation’s effectiveness, efficiency and community centered collaboration.

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