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Things are Changing at Blackbaud

Article by Lianne McGrory, Director, Professional Services & Sales (core team) at Blackbaud Pacific

I’m excited! Things are changing at Blackbaud. The past 18 months has seen innovative product releases, a growing range of services and now we are changing the way we support our customers by launching a formal customer success programme.

We understand that building a collaborative relationship is more than just about transactional discussions and support tickets. It’s about supporting our customer’s long term growth and success, understanding their business and ensuring they derive maximum value from the relationship.

Key to our own long term success is ensuring the constant growth and retention of our customers. Following the introduction of the NXT customer success manager role to our team in 2014, we launched a Blackbaud CRM customer success manager in 2016 and now an additional three customer success associates to the Blackbaud team.

These associates will become the main point of contact for customer relationships. The team will share whitepapers, webinars, success stories, best practice information and resources to enable customers to maximise their technology investment. Customer engagement will schedule regular calls to check in our customers and look for ways to help. We look forward to proactively talking with our customers more frequently – and to hear what we are doing well, and what we need to do better to continue to improve our relationships.

Customer Success isn’t a new concept in the vendor/software world but we wanted to make this transition carefully without losing the excellent value we bring through our teams. We believe that a move towards customer success will show our customers are more than just an “account” to us. Ultimately, we value our dynamic collaborative relationship which focuses on keeping our customers happy and ensuring we partner for success.

I’m so happy to be part of this new era of customer relationships. customersuccess@blackbaud.com.au