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Secrets of Data Driven Not for Profits

FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Secrets of Data Driven Not for Profits
Presented by Steve MacLaughlin / Vice President of Data & Analytics, Blackbaud AND #1 Amazon Bestseller
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Big Data is completely transforming how companies drive their decision making – but many not for profit organisations are unprepared to make the most of this opportunity. 

We welcome Steve MacLaughlin, VP of Data & Analytics, Blackbaud to share his insights, ideas and examples from his #1 Amazon bestseller, Data Driven Nonprofits.

Steve will uncover:

  • How to unlock the secrets in your data and drive success
  • The unique qualities of the world’s most success not for profits
  • What we can learn by taking a data-first approach

Listen to this on demand webinar and get a taste of what’s to come at bbcon2017 as we bring Steve MacLaughlin to our shores.