Millennial Donors

Meet the Not for Profit ‘Pornstar’: Luke Brown

When Luke Brown, founder of brand experience agency AFFINITY, met the Salvos back in 2012, they had an ageing supporter-base and little connection with younger audiences.

Sound familiar?

Fast forward twelve months and millennial donations had increased a hundred-fold and their adverts had been seen on social media by 1.3 million people.

The Salvos suddenly had street cred.

And the secret to this seismic shift in demographic?  Believe it or not…LukeBrown_Pic


Thankfully not the X rated variety, more the culinary kind: #foodporn.

The online craze that last year saw 63% of young people posting pictures of their lunch, was soon to get people salivating about the Salvos.

Luke and his team carefully crafted the ‘Give a Lunch for Christmas’ campaign to capitalise on the #foodporn trend and put salvos front and centre of young people’s lives.

Within days, the campaign had attracted free media exposure to the value of $350,000 and within a year, overall donations to the charity were up 12%.  No mean feat when you’re aiming for an audience that is hard to reach and even harder to engage.

Luke told us:

People didn’t realise that they could actually make a difference.  This campaign highlighted that the simple act of donating lunch money, has the power to change lives.

The sheer brilliance of this appeal was that it took cutting edge behavioural insight and turned it into a fun, empowering and participatory experience.   A direction all fundraisers must follow if we’re to remain relevant in the era of audience engagement.

Luke is a rare breed who, according to a former client ‘defines integrated marketing, lives innovation and is one of the most creative leaders you’ll find’.  Having spent the day in training with Luke, we can vouch for every word.

You’ll learn more in an hour with Luke than a lifetime of blogs, books and supposed best practice – which is why we’re so excited that he’ll be closing bbcon…in just 11 days’ time!

Luke joins 45 other speakers and will present a keynote session called ‘Engaging Millennials: The Secret to Lifelong Supporter Engagement with his colleague, Angela Smith, AFFINITY’s Chief Strategy Officer.


  • How audience insight can be used to form a ‘big idea’
  • Ways to increase your relevance among younger supporters
  • How to generate and leverage free media & PR exposure

There is only space for 20 more attendees, so don’t miss out.  Join the fundraising innovators and get your ticket here.  Just $847 for the 2 days & networking drinks.