Exploring The Complexities Of Fundraising Efficiency Part II

Exploring the Complexities of Fundraising Efficiency Part II


To help explore the topic of Fundraising Efficiency in more detail we recently asked leading charity and fundraising experts to see what Fundraising Efficiency means to them and discover if there's one uniform approach to measuring the cost of fundraising and how to best approach it. In the second of…

6 Tips For An Exciting, Donor-Centric Annual Report

6 Tips for an Exciting, Donor-Centric Annual Report


As the financial year draws to a close, the fundraisers amongst us are breathing a sigh of relief knowing our tax-time appeals are now behind us. The letters have been mailed, the emails are on their way, the thank-you notes are already written. We could almost be forgiven for putting…

How To Promote Your Tax Appeal Through Email And Social Media

How to Promote your Tax Appeal through Email and Social Media


12 tips for maximising the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign through digital channels When it comes to fundraising, the tax-time appeal ranks as one of the top two opportunities throughout the year alongside Christmas. And yet, many not-for-profits are leaving donations on the table by not partnering their Direct…

Powering On With Raiser’s Edge NXT™

Powering On with Raiser’s Edge NXT™


FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Powering on with Raiser's Edge NXT™ Vision & Release Milestones View the webinar now > Hosted by Blackbaud's NXT Customer Success Manager, Teresa Judd, Powering On with Raiser's Edge NXT is an exclusive webinar series designed to help you get the most out of your system. In this webinar learn about:…

What Funders Want: Outcomes 101 For The Frontline Fundraiser

What Funders Want: Outcomes 101 for the Frontline Fundraiser


The world of philanthropy is transforming to results-focused giving. Tracking and measuring outcomes is no longer a nice to have or a buzzword, it is now imperative for fundraisers to embrace and communicate their organisations’ outcomes and results in order to stand out when competing for dollars and resources. What Funders…

Exploring The Complexities Of Fundraising Efficiency

Exploring the Complexities of Fundraising Efficiency


We all know raising funds are critical to a charity’s survival but while non-profits, donors and the board are all united in doing ‘good’ for their chosen cause, they all have very different expectations of how to measure a charity’s fundraising efficiency and what this entails. Evaluating an organisation’s Fundraising…

How Charities Can Leverage The Influencer Marketing Trend

How Charities can Leverage the Influencer Marketing Trend


Guest post by everydayhero The popularity of influencer marketing has surged in recent years. While it’s been around as a marketing tactic for the best part of a century, this recent growth can be largely attributed to the sheer volume of content being shared across social media. Amidst so much…