Team Spotlight – Bryan Ovington

Team Spotlight – Bryan Ovington


Up, Close and Personal with Bryan Ovington Bryan Ovington started his career back in Telco land 11 years ago working at AAPT, in the ecommerce department. His role included taking electronic documents and translating these for other commercial entities. In 2007 he had the good fortune of being introduced to…

Win At Multi-Channel Marketing With A Messaging Framework

Win at Multi-Channel Marketing with a Messaging Framework


How will you ever get to it all? With seemingly limitless channels available to not for profit marketers to cultivate, your fundraising and engagement efforts now require developing messages for each medium. Email? Of course, but it’s not the engagement driver it once was. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, traditional direct mail,…

Let’s Work Together For A Better World

Let’s work together for a better world


There comes a time in each of our lives where our perspective on life shifts. Where we start to see the world – and our place in it – differently. For me, that moment was the birth of my daughter. In an instant, everything changed. I began to think about…

Webinar Partnership With Connecting Up

Webinar partnership with Connecting Up


FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Expert Advice for Fundraising in the Digital Age Presented by Gabe Smith / Blackbaud Pacific View the webinar now > With so much change and so many challenges, how are the best fundraisers successfully navigating the transition to the digital age and staying ahead of the competition?  In…

How To Make Your Donors Feel Like Heroes In 2018

How to make your donors feel like heroes in 2018


At the heart of fundraising are compelling stories. We share these stories on our social media platforms, throughout our newsletters, and in our digital and offline appeal campaigns. The best stories are usually those of transformation, of beating the odds, of triumph over adversity. It could be the story of…

Tips For Database Segmentation

Tips for database segmentation


Derrick Brown offers some tried-and-true ideas for database management that will allow for effective segmentation in your direct marketing – and more meaningful interactions with your supporters.   Whether you are using a homegrown database or one of the many proprietary databases out there, you are tasked with determining what…

5 Best Practices For Converting Volunteers To Donors

5 Best Practices for Converting Volunteers to Donors


It is not a secret that not for profits need volunteers and donors to achieve their goals and carry out their mission. The question is, is your organisation focusing on the volunteer base that you already have?  Many not for profits do not know that the line between their volunteers…

4 Social Media Trends Helping NFP Expand Their Influencers Online

4 Social Media Trends Helping NFP Expand their Influencers Online


Four social media trends helping not-for-profit expand their influencers online Discover some of the most exciting and innovative ways to engage your social media followers and harness the power of your supporters. Like most not-for-profit organisations, you’re probably already on Facebook and Twitter … and may even have started experimenting…

4 Things Your Not-for-Profit Needs To Know About Online Donors

4 Things Your Not-for-Profit Needs to Know About Online Donors


New data from Target Analytics, a division of Blackbaud, reveals key insights into online and offline donors. The findings are based on analysis of online and offline giving data from sixteen large national not for profits in the United States during 2016 and represents more than 6.5 million donors. These organisations…

Secrets Of Data Driven Not For Profits

Secrets of Data Driven Not for Profits


FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Secrets of Data Driven Not for Profits Presented by Steve MacLaughlin / Vice President of Data & Analytics, Blackbaud AND #1 Amazon Bestseller View the webinar now > Big Data is completely transforming how companies drive their decision making - but many not for profit organisations are unprepared…

Exploring The Complexities Of Fundraising Efficiency Part II

Exploring the Complexities of Fundraising Efficiency Part II


To help explore the topic of Fundraising Efficiency in more detail we recently asked leading charity and fundraising experts to see what Fundraising Efficiency means to them and discover if there's one uniform approach to measuring the cost of fundraising and how to best approach it. In the second of…

6 Tips For An Exciting, Donor-Centric Annual Report

6 Tips for an Exciting, Donor-Centric Annual Report


As the financial year draws to a close, the fundraisers amongst us are breathing a sigh of relief knowing our tax-time appeals are now behind us. The letters have been mailed, the emails are on their way, the thank-you notes are already written. We could almost be forgiven for putting…

How To Promote Your Tax Appeal Through Email And Social Media

How to Promote your Tax Appeal through Email and Social Media


12 tips for maximising the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign through digital channels When it comes to fundraising, the tax-time appeal ranks as one of the top two opportunities throughout the year alongside Christmas. And yet, many not-for-profits are leaving donations on the table by not partnering their Direct…

Powering On With Raiser’s Edge NXT™

Powering On with Raiser’s Edge NXT™


FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Powering on with Raiser's Edge NXT™ Vision & Release Milestones View the webinar now > Hosted by Blackbaud's NXT Customer Success Manager, Teresa Judd, Powering On with Raiser's Edge NXT is an exclusive webinar series designed to help you get the most out of your system. In this webinar learn about:…

What Funders Want: Outcomes 101 For The Frontline Fundraiser

What Funders Want: Outcomes 101 for the Frontline Fundraiser


The world of philanthropy is transforming to results-focused giving. Tracking and measuring outcomes is no longer a nice to have or a buzzword, it is now imperative for fundraisers to embrace and communicate their organisations’ outcomes and results in order to stand out when competing for dollars and resources. What Funders…

Exploring The Complexities Of Fundraising Efficiency

Exploring the Complexities of Fundraising Efficiency


We all know raising funds are critical to a charity’s survival but while non-profits, donors and the board are all united in doing ‘good’ for their chosen cause, they all have very different expectations of how to measure a charity’s fundraising efficiency and what this entails. Evaluating an organisation’s Fundraising…

How Charities Can Leverage The Influencer Marketing Trend

How Charities can Leverage the Influencer Marketing Trend


Guest post by everydayhero The popularity of influencer marketing has surged in recent years. While it’s been around as a marketing tactic for the best part of a century, this recent growth can be largely attributed to the sheer volume of content being shared across social media. Amidst so much…

6 Trends That Will Impact The Social Good Sector In 2017

6 Trends That Will Impact the Social Good Sector in 2017


We’re just three months in and already 2017 is shaping up to be a roller coaster of a year. With the constant changes, innovations, and breaking news impacting the sector, staying focused on the work that matters will be key for all of us. To help us navigate, Blackbaud leaders and industry…

Attract More Donors With The Content Marketing Fundraising Funnel

Attract More Donors with the Content Marketing Fundraising Funnel


Guest post by LinkedCreative Attracting and retaining new donors to your cause is an essential part of growing any non-profit organisation. Throughout the years, various methods have been employed to acquire new prospects, including direct mail, face-to-face, telephone marketing, advertising, events etc. While each of these methods has its merits,…

9 Ways Social Media Helps Nonprofits Ignite Supporter-Led Advocacy

9 Ways Social Media Helps Nonprofits Ignite Supporter-Led Advocacy


Guest post by Jeanette Russell, Marketing Director for, a social engagement platform.  On January 21st, 2017, millions of people around the world marched as part of a global protest, in support of women’s rights, immigration reform, health care reform, environmental protection, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, freedom of religion, and workers’ rights.…

Things Are Changing At Blackbaud

Things are Changing at Blackbaud


Article by Lianne McGrory, Director, Professional Services & Sales (core team) at Blackbaud Pacific I'm excited! Things are changing at Blackbaud. The past 18 months has seen innovative product releases, a growing range of services and now we are changing the way we support our customers by launching a formal…

Winning Funding Through Outcomes Measurement

Winning funding through Outcomes Measurement


Cystic Fibrosis WA Case Study with Apricot Summary Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia have grown from their humble beginnings of a parent-founded self-help group, to a $2.2 million charity, dedicated to enhancing the lives of people living with Cystic Fibrosis. In 2016 they realised that things ‘just weren’t working’ and bravely…

Seeking Funding And The Search For Atlantis

Seeking Funding and the Search for Atlantis


Guest article by Chris Wootton, Philanthropic Services Manager, Philanthropy Australia Like the search for Atlantis….seeking funding from philanthropists can be complex, time consuming and often fraught with failure. We think we know what funders want, only to find that their funding focus has moved and your organisation or program is…

Are You Ready For The Funding Volcano?

Are You Ready for the Funding Volcano?


Is the quest for funding is getting tougher? It certainly seems that way right now. Our clients continually tell us that their number 1 challenge is rising competition – and it’s no surprise, given that there is now 1 charity for every 422 people. But despite how hard things may…

3 Ways To Avoid Being Trumped By Your Supporters

3 Ways to Avoid Being Trumped by your Supporters


FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Technology and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Discover how technology can bring your peer-to-peer supporter journey to life in this free 30 minute on-demand webinar. View the webinar now > What can the presidential election teach us about Fundraising? While we might not be campaigning for presidency, as peer-to-peer fundraisers, we…

How To Avoid Losing Donors Over The Phone

How to Avoid Losing Donors Over the Phone


So, you’ve engaged a supporter enough for them to pick up the phone. They’re greeted by a friendly receptionist…& then left in silence or in the company of some horrendous 1970’s jazz music, until the relevant call-taker is found. First impressions count and a supporter’s initial telephone experience has the…

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The Gift that Keeps on Giving


How technology & emotion are innovating the peer-to-peer supporter journey. 2016 is the year of supporter engagement and in order to get engagement, we need to get emotional. The most powerful way to inspire action is to create a visceral response and so this should be our number-one priority. People…

Author Interview: Data Driven Nonprofits By Steve MacLaughlin

Author Interview: Data Driven Nonprofits by Steve MacLaughlin


Steve MacLaughlin is the best-selling author of Data Driven Nonprofits, a guide book for organisations that want to improve their performance and increase positive change in the world. In this Q&A, he demystifies the world of analytics and reveals how big data can drive even the smallest of charities. Why…

10 Ways To Lose A Donor On Your Website

10 Ways to Lose a Donor on Your Website


Not Communicating the Why Communicating your why helps site visitors connect with your brand and makes them more inclined to give to your organisation over another one that has a similar mission. Unresponsive Design Online giving is one of the fastest growing channels for fundraising and has been for the…

Disruption In The NFP Sector: How To Innovate And Take Action

Disruption in the NFP sector: How to innovate and take action


It’s fair to say the third sector is experiencing disruption in waves. From mobile donations, online fundraising, and awareness via social media, audiences are exposed to more ways to donate than ever. And the number of charities in Australia is doubling every decade. Competition is high and innovation is key.…

Interview With Blackbaud $10K Challenge Winner: Sylvanvale

Interview with Blackbaud $10K Challenge Winner: Sylvanvale


This video has been an opportunity to showcase people who aren’t often seen or heard.” – Jake Lyandon, Sylvanvale When Blackbaud gave a donation of $10,000 to the deserving Sylvanvale Foundation at this year’s bbcon, it was the stories we heard after that made it even more worthwhile. Last week…

The Kai-Zen Approach To Innovation

The Kai-Zen approach to innovation


Innovation is a bit of a buzz word these days. The term ‘innovation was the most popular business search term of 2015. And the government is touting their $1.1 billion National Science and Innovation agenda as being the key to Australia’s future survival while teasing us with emotive slogans like…

Blackbaud $10K Challenge Winner Announced

Blackbaud $10K Challenge Winner Announced


An Australian charity today received a $10,000 donation to ‘power the passions’ of people with disabilities. Sylvanvale were unveiled as the winners of the Blackbaud $10K Challenge, an online competition hosted by Blackbaud, the world’s leading cloud software company powering social good. The Sydney-based charity was presented with a ten…

Why You Need A Multi-channel Approach To Fundraising

Why you need a multi-channel approach to fundraising


The Fundamentals of Multi-channel Fundraising Presented by Derrick Brown View the on-demand webinar here > July is the best time to set up a regular gift to charity. At the start of a new financial year, you’re benefiting the charity by helping set budget, and yourself, by maximising your tax…

Meet The Not For Profit ‘Pornstar’: Luke Brown

Meet the Not for Profit ‘Pornstar’: Luke Brown


When Luke Brown, founder of brand experience agency AFFINITY, met the Salvos back in 2012, they had an ageing supporter-base and little connection with younger audiences. Sound familiar? Fast forward twelve months and millennial donations had increased a hundred-fold and their adverts had been seen on social media by 1.3…

Keeping Pace With Sector Change

Keeping pace with sector change


Opinion Piece by Rob Edwards, CEO, Fundraising Institute Australia Heraclitus, the 4th Century BC Greek philosopher, once said: “there is nothing permanent except change.” That’s certainly true of the Australian fundraising landscape which has been evolving dramatically in recent years. The challenge for our sector is to remain sustainable and…