Ideas New Year

Fresh Ideas for the New Year

It’s a new year and a great time for fresh ideas. If you’re having a hard time revving the mental engine back up after a long holiday then have a look below.

7 Steps to More Creative Thinking

  1. Forget the Past – a common killer of creativity is the “been there tried that” mentality. Sure you tried something in the past and the results just weren’t there. It’s a new year and a fresh perspective might be just what you need to find a new spin on something old.
  1. New Environments – get out of the office and do your creative thinking somewhere you haven’t tried before. A hipster coffee shop in part of town you rarely venture, a park you’ve never been to or try a trendy co-working space for the day.
  1. Buy a Puzzle – pick up a few puzzles to keep around your desk. Exercising your brain’s ability to think critically will tee you up to solve your organisation’s biggest challenges.
  1. Cross-Pollinate – we all have the tendency to work in silos. Make new professional contacts, seek out inspiring people, and spend time with colleagues in other departments. Ask them about the projects, processes and campaigns they’ve worked on or been party to. What was successful? What challenges do they face? How are they trying to solve those challenges? You might find there are overlapping similarities and gain a different perspective on your own work environment.
  1. Find a Quiet Place – sometimes our best thinking comes when we’re alone with our thoughts and free of distractions. Grab a notepad and pen (no electronics) then find a place truly free of distractions.
  1. Sleep and Eat Right – a good night of rest and healthy eating will make a world of difference to your mental acuity. A fresh brain is full of fresh ideas.
  1. Take a Break from Creativity – have you ever written email or a blog, then come back to it the next day and immediately notice things you hadn’t before? The same applies for any other creative endeavour. Taking a break can help you discover what’s been right in front of you the entire time.

I hope this helps you start your year off with new and exciting ideas.