Getting Started with Raiser’s Edge NXT: Administration


FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR on Raiser's Edge NXT: This 15 minute webinar guides you through setting up The Raiser's Edge NXT, and rolling out to your users. You will learn step-by-step processes, and best-practice principles for a smooth and productive introduction to NXT at your organisation.

The Regular Giving Lifecycle – Webinar On-demand

The Regular Giving Lifecycle – Webinar On-demand


FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: The Regular Giving Lifecycle Presented by Alcuin Hacker / Alcuin Hacker Consulting View the webinar now > The Regular Giving Lifecycle If you want to set up or maintain a successful Regular Giving Program then you will not want to miss this webinar - now available on-demand for you…

Impact Investment: Measurement & Value Webinar On-demand

Impact Investment: Measurement & Value Webinar On-demand


FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Impact Investment: Measurement and Value Presented by Clive Pedley / Giving Architects View the webinar now > Impact Investment: Measurement and Value There has been much talk in recent years in the social-purpose and charity sector about impact investment and measurement, but how much do we actually know…

Planning For Fundraising Success In 2018 – Webinar On-Demand

Planning for Fundraising Success in 2018 – Webinar On-Demand


FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Planning for Fundraising Success in 2018 Presented by Rich Beeston / LinkedCreative View the webinar now > Planning for Fundraising Success in 2018!  Join Rich Beeston, Founder of Linked Creative in this highly engaging and practical webinar available on-demand where Rich covers: How to create a simple month-by-month action plan…

Creating A Roadmap For Online Success

Creating a Roadmap for Online Success


Five Channels To Create a Successful Online Strategy The digital experience is increasingly important as more of your donors, constituents, fundraisers, and community members go online to learn about your organisation and how best to support it. Mapping out a successful online strategy is the best way to avoid roadblocks…

How To Motivate Your Facebook Followers To Take Action

How to motivate your Facebook followers to take action


How to motivate your Facebook followers to take action We’ve all seen it before. The Facebook page with tens of thousands of followers … but for some reason, individual posts get little or no response. Or the new social cause everyone’s raving about … but not many followers are willing…

Win At Multi-Channel Marketing With A Messaging Framework

Win at Multi-Channel Marketing with a Messaging Framework


How will you ever get to it all? With seemingly limitless channels available to not for profit marketers to cultivate, your fundraising and engagement efforts now require developing messages for each medium. Email? Of course, but it’s not the engagement driver it once was. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, traditional direct mail,…

Let’s Work Together For A Better World

Let’s work together for a better world


There comes a time in each of our lives where our perspective on life shifts. Where we start to see the world – and our place in it – differently. For me, that moment was the birth of my daughter. In an instant, everything changed. I began to think about…

Attract More Donors With The Content Marketing Fundraising Funnel

Attract More Donors with the Content Marketing Fundraising Funnel


Guest post by LinkedCreative Attracting and retaining new donors to your cause is an essential part of growing any non-profit organisation. Throughout the years, various methods have been employed to acquire new prospects, including direct mail, face-to-face, telephone marketing, advertising, events etc. While each of these methods has its merits,…

Why You Need A Multi-channel Approach To Fundraising

Why you need a multi-channel approach to fundraising


The Fundamentals of Multi-channel Fundraising Presented by Derrick Brown View the on-demand webinar here > July is the best time to set up a regular gift to charity. At the start of a new financial year, you’re benefiting the charity by helping set budget, and yourself, by maximising your tax…

5 Steps For Sustainability In The NFP Sector

5 Steps for Sustainability in the NFP Sector


'If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.' Wise words from Albert Einstein there. But words that were clearly uttered before the age of disruption. Ask any fundraiser and they're sure to agree that doing what we've always done is most definitely NOT…

What Turns A Stranger Into A Regular Giver?

What turns a stranger into a regular giver?


Shortening the Path to Regular Giving: A Mindreading Webinar Presented by Michael Johnston & Karen Armstrong View the on-demand webinar here > Let’s face it – we really have no idea why we lose 90% of first time donors and why 10% decide to keep supporting. Supporter behaviour is a…

Charities To #sharethepassion For $10,000

Charities to #sharethepassion for $10,000


How could $10K ‘Power your Passion’? That’s the question facing Not-for-Profits as they compete for a $10,000 prize. Fundraising technology leaders, Blackbaud Pacific, have revealed their plan to donate AU$10,000 to a charity, NGO or university as part of an exciting online competition, which launches today. The Blackbaud $10K Challenge…

Why Warren Buffett Thinks You Should Attend Bbcon

Why Warren Buffett thinks you should attend bbcon


bbcon is changing the world. Sounds a bit dramatic, right?  Maybe – but perhaps it’s not all that far-fetched when you consider what bbcon is all about. Our office is full of former fundraisers who know only too well that, with a target hanging over us and our head in…

12 Great Blog Posts For The Not For Profit Marketer

12 Great Blog Posts for the Not for Profit Marketer


The best way to improve, is to learn from others. We've compiled a list of up-to-date blogs about not for profits, #nptech and fundraising that you must be reading as a marketer for your cause. From email marketing to social media, here's a list of learnings from around the web…

3 Simple Steps To A Last Minute Fundraising Appeal

3 Simple Steps to a Last Minute Fundraising Appeal


In fundraising, every day is a new day to raise more money for your cause. Some days require more of a rapid response than others; this may mean sending out last minute email blast, direct mail or making crucial phone calls to push out your fundraising appeal. As many charities…

Are You Making The Most Of Digital Fundraising?

Are you making the most of digital fundraising?


There are endless possibilities for connecting with your donors in a modern world. Christian Heckenberg takes us through the stages to ensuring small to medium-sized not for profits are making the most of digital fundraising. Listen to the recording here > --- Start with a plan. Think about what you're…

Why Pop-Ups Should Be Part Of Your Online Fundraising

Why Pop-Ups Should Be Part of Your Online Fundraising


Are you annoyed by those pop-up boxes that suddenly appear on some websites? Probably. Are your constituents? Likely. Does that mean your not for profit website should avoid them? No. Everyone knows to raise money, you need to ask. And simply having a donate button on your home page isn’t…

Which Fundraising System? A Guide For First-Time Buyers

Which Fundraising System? A Guide for First-Time Buyers


Many of us don’t have “Purchase Big Database” in our job description, let alone experience in what can be a substantial process and investment. This blog aims to give first-time buyers confidence by outlining a typical process of selecting the right system. Project Mission The first step is to define…

4 Tips For Database Segmentation

4 Tips for Database Segmentation


Derrick Brown offers some tried-and-true ideas for database management that will allow for effective segmentation in your direct marketing – and more meaningful interactions with your supporters. Whether you are using a homegrown database or one of the many proprietary databases out there, you are tasked with determining what data should…

3 Must-Haves For A Fundraising CRM

3 Must-Haves for a Fundraising CRM


Throughout my career I've been involved in many charitable organisations and worked with fundraising teams of all different sizes, from large and noisy multi-level offices to one-man shows tucked away in small makeshift offices. I've seen every possible way to manage relationships and donor data – from the most sophisticated,…

Your Guide To Selecting Fundraising Software

Your Guide to Selecting Fundraising Software


I was recently attending a not for profit conference in South Australia. During a conversation with a lady sitting next to me, she explained her main reason for attending the conference was because she had just been given (aka dumped) the tasked of researching and finding a new CRM for…

Your Best Year Yet: Fundraising Trends 2016

Your Best Year Yet: Fundraising Trends 2016


Your Best Year Yet: Fundraising Trends 2016 Presented by Christian Heckenberg Listen to the on-demand recording > Start your 2016 on trend! From hot topics to predictions on the future of fundraising, listen to the recording of Your Best Year Yet: Fundraising Trends 2016 by Christian Heckenberg, Blackbaud Pacific's Charity Development…

5 Ways To Revamp The New Work Year For 2016

5 Ways to Revamp the New Work Year for 2016


After the holidays getting back into the swing of work can be hard. But 2016 is here and your supporters, co-workers and board members are waiting to see what new fundraising ideas and campaigns you have for this year so it’s time to jump back in! Here are my 5…

How To Combat Database Misconceptions In Your Organisation

How to Combat Database Misconceptions in your Organisation


In the eyes of your Database Administrator, the system you are currently using to track your fundraising efforts may be the best thing since sliced bread: simple to use, crystal clear to understand, and excellent in every way. But to the average front-line fundraiser or the Executive team, your system…

7 Fundraising Resolutions For 2016

7 Fundraising Resolutions for 2016


Start your new year of fundraising with the right foundations. I sat down with Christian Heckenberg, Blackbaud's Charity Development Manager, to chat about fundraising trends for 2016 and how charities can leverage their current resources for success. In the Q&A recording, Christian touches on important points about the 7 types of…

10 Tips To Boost Your Fundraising This #GivingTuesday

10 Tips to Boost Your Fundraising this #GivingTuesday


The concept of Giving Tuesday was born from Black Friday and Cyber Monday over in the US – which are quite similar to our Boxing Day and post-Christmas sales here in Australia and NZ. It’s a massive time of buying to take advantage of deals during the holiday period. Giving…

6 Stages Of A Major Gift Prospect

6 Stages of a Major Gift Prospect


The key to a successful major giving program is planning. From the very beginning, your fundraising success relies on strategy and relationship management. Supporters of your organisation are not major donors by chance; it’s the hard work you put into each stage of the prospecting process that achieves a strategic…

Mastering The Power Of Your Database

Mastering the Power of your Database


There is a lot of power that lies within your database. As I mentioned in my last post (Is your Database your Single Source of Truth?) establishing your database as your organisation’s single source of truth has many benefits for you and your colleagues. However, if your database isn’t set…

Track Your Volunteers Within Your Database

Track your Volunteers within your Database


Volunteers are an essential element for many organisations to achieve their mission. Whether it’s assisting in events, running programs or providing admin relief – your organisation would not be where it is today without them. Properly managing your volunteers is critical to the success of your volunteer program. If it’s: too…

3 Steps To Success For The Modern Fundraiser

3 Steps to Success for the Modern Fundraiser


The growth of the digital world has created endless possibilities for the modern fundraiser. We now have the ability to gain infinite amounts of information from the comfort of our desk or on the go using our mobile phones. The age of the internet has taken a lot of the…

Christmas… In September?

Christmas… in September?


Your end of tax year appeal finished several weeks ago. No doubt you’ve already moved on to the planning of this year’s Christmas appeal. Most Australian charities launch their Christmas appeals to their donors and supporters through proven direct mail programs, landing in letterboxes in late November. However, a 2013…

4 Tips For Simplifying The Volunteer Management Process

4 Tips for Simplifying the Volunteer Management Process


To effectively manage volunteers, you need a structured, systematic approach. However, many not for profits get stuck in all the administrative tasks associated with volunteer management. In this post, we’ll offer four tips for simplifying the management process – and yielding even greater value from your volunteers’ efforts. #1: Stop…

The Easiest Way To Increase Your Fundraising

The Easiest Way to Increase Your Fundraising


Peer–to-Peer or social fundraising is the easiest way to increase your fundraising income and grow your donor database. Why? Because word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. Intuitive technology now enables a supporter to create a fundraising activity, tell their story about why they love your organisation,…

Storing Data In The Future

Storing Data in the Future


The future of technology is cloud-based. The future is now. Just as we’ve moved away from the days of floppy disks and CD-ROMs, the way we store data is once again completely changing. By 2016, one quarter of all applications will be on the cloud. For not for profits, this…

Is Your Database Saving You Time?

Is your database saving you time?


In my opinion there’s nothing more frustrating than poorly designed software, where you spend more time doing workarounds than actually using the standard functionality. In this technological age, software companies are racing to create the most user friendly,  intuitive, and helpful software they can; software which requires little or no…

5 Reasons Your Not For Profit Needs A Virtual Store

5 Reasons Your Not for Profit Needs a Virtual Store


Virtual stores aka eStores are everywhere and there’s a reason – people like the convenience of shopping online. Here are 5 reasons your not for profit should consider adding on an eStore: It’s virtual – You don’t need prime real estate to get your products noticed. This lower overhead cost…

3 Tips For Converting Volunteers To Donors

3 Tips for Converting Volunteers to Donors


Your volunteers are some of your most committed advocates. Day in and day out, volunteers contribute over $28 per hour (AUD) in donated time to your organisation. While you are certainly grateful for this contribution of time, wouldn’t it be nice if you could also convert some (or all) of…

7 Steps To Increasing Online Donations

7 Steps to Increasing Online Donations


How many people do you know that don’t have access to the internet? I’m willing to bet the number is fairly low. Your organisation should be making your online presence a top priority for raising awareness and, of course – fundraising. Below are some top tips on improving the online experience…

The Trends In Giving

The trends in giving


On May 26, NAB hosted a breakfast to share insights from the annual NAB Charitable Giving Index report. Panellists from NAB, Australian Red Cross and Everyday Hero discussed the impact of the economy on giving, giving trends, and how charities are leveraging data and digital channels. Impact of the economic…

User Rights – How You Can Enhance Your Data Security

User Rights – How You Can Enhance Your Data Security


No matter how your organisation stores their data, whether it is on a simple spreadsheet or a complex database, one of the most important things to consider is who has the rights to view, add, update and delete information. Not-for-Profit organisations regularly have an array of different users logging into…

8 Email Marketing Tips To Nail Your Tax Appeal

8 Email Marketing Tips to Nail Your Tax Appeal


Most say the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over whilst expecting different results. So if you're expecting this year's tax appeal to be better than last, what do you plan to change? One area to consider is email marketing. After all, online giving is the…

6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Fundraising Database

6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Fundraising Database


Without good data your whole fundraising strategy falls down. How can you report on your fundraising success if you can’t figure out which gifts have been paid? How can you accurately segment your donors if everyone on the team records information differently?  Without good data it is impossible for you…

Fresh Ideas For The New Year

Fresh Ideas for the New Year


It's a new year and a great time for fresh ideas. If you're having a hard time revving the mental engine back up after a long holiday then have a look below. 7 Steps to More Creative Thinking Forget the Past - a common killer of creativity is the "been…

Keep In Mind Your Gifts-in-Kind

Keep in Mind Your Gifts-in-Kind


For many organisations Gifts-in-Kind (GIK) are a bit of a grey area. Common questions include: - Should we be recording them? - Should we assign a value to them? - Should we try to solicit more? It could be that for your office the answer to all of the above…

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