Win At Multi-Channel Marketing With A Messaging Framework

Win at Multi-Channel Marketing with a Messaging Framework


How will you ever get to it all? With seemingly limitless channels available to not for profit marketers to cultivate, your fundraising and engagement efforts now require developing messages for each medium. Email? Of course, but it’s not the engagement driver it once was. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, traditional direct mail,…

Let’s Work Together For A Better World

Let’s work together for a better world


There comes a time in each of our lives where our perspective on life shifts. Where we start to see the world – and our place in it – differently. For me, that moment was the birth of my daughter. In an instant, everything changed. I began to think about…

How To Make Your Donors Feel Like Heroes In 2018

How to make your donors feel like heroes in 2018


At the heart of fundraising are compelling stories. We share these stories on our social media platforms, throughout our newsletters, and in our digital and offline appeal campaigns. The best stories are usually those of transformation, of beating the odds, of triumph over adversity. It could be the story of…

It’s A New Financial Year, What’s Next?

It’s a New Financial Year, what’s next?


There are always peaks and troughs in life and our work is no different. But as marketers and fundraisers, when it comes to communicating with our supporters, we should be "always on". What I mean by "always on" is that the donor or supporter gets a consistent stream of regular…

12 Great Blog Posts For The Not For Profit Marketer

12 Great Blog Posts for the Not for Profit Marketer


The best way to improve, is to learn from others. We've compiled a list of up-to-date blogs about not for profits, #nptech and fundraising that you must be reading as a marketer for your cause. From email marketing to social media, here's a list of learnings from around the web…

How To Say “Thank You”

How to say “Thank You”


Earlier this year I decided to become a regular supporter of a local charity. Unfortunately, their donor acknowledgement process was so lacking that I cancelled my regular gift shortly after (they didn’t get in touch once, despite having my address, phone number and email details.)  I still wanted to help…

The Power Of People

The Power of People


How many times have you heard the phrase: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? If you’re anything like me you’ve heard it more times than you can remember, and whilst I used to dismiss this simple statement out of hand, the further I get through life the…

5 Ways Technology Will Shape The Not For Profit Sector In 2014

5 Ways Technology Will Shape the Not for Profit Sector in 2014


Blackbaud’s vice president of Product Development, Mary Beth Westmoreland, has just released a white paper (and video) commenting on how technology will shape the not for profit sector in 2014. She comments specifically on mobile, analytics, software, the cloud and social media, all technological innovations that we’ve also seen have…

Planning For The Unplanned

Planning for the unplanned


A charity I am currently working with in Asia recently launched a campaign to ‘buy a brick’ to repair some retaining walls in a sanctuary for rescued animals it runs that had been damaged by severe flooding. It was their most successful fundraising campaign to date. Having worked with international…