5 Key Ways To Optimise Your Institution’s Website

5 Key Ways to Optimise Your Institution’s Website


Your higher education institution likely has several goals and requirements in mind when building and maintaining your website, from student prospecting and news and events, to academics and advancement. Online giving is on the rise and websites continue to be the leading digital channel by which to give. Therefore, it’s…

3 Ways To Kick Your Fundraising Off With A Big Bang!

3 ways to kick your fundraising off with a big bang!


As we move into 2019, it’s good practice to review some of the great insights gained from 2018. There were many gems to choose from but here are three of my favourite takeaways not to be overlooked as you kick off your fundraising efforts in 2019. 1. Be an effective…

What Drives Gen Z: Is It The Experience Or The Cause?

What Drives Gen Z: Is It the Experience or the Cause?


Contrary to what is commonly believed, young people care about, and give to, virtually every major social cause. Obviously, there are some who are more passionate about animal rights, for example, than, say, recycling, but passion isn’t the only driving force for action. For young people, the experience itself is…

Creating A Roadmap For Online Success

Creating a Roadmap for Online Success


Five Channels To Create a Successful Online Strategy The digital experience is increasingly important as more of your donors, constituents, fundraisers, and community members go online to learn about your organisation and how best to support it. Mapping out a successful online strategy is the best way to avoid roadblocks…

How To Motivate Your Facebook Followers To Take Action

How to motivate your Facebook followers to take action


How to motivate your Facebook followers to take action We’ve all seen it before. The Facebook page with tens of thousands of followers … but for some reason, individual posts get little or no response. Or the new social cause everyone’s raving about … but not many followers are willing…

Win At Multi-Channel Marketing With A Messaging Framework

Win at Multi-Channel Marketing with a Messaging Framework


How will you ever get to it all? With seemingly limitless channels available to not for profit marketers to cultivate, your fundraising and engagement efforts now require developing messages for each medium. Email? Of course, but it’s not the engagement driver it once was. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, traditional direct mail,…

Let’s Work Together For A Better World

Let’s work together for a better world


There comes a time in each of our lives where our perspective on life shifts. Where we start to see the world – and our place in it – differently. For me, that moment was the birth of my daughter. In an instant, everything changed. I began to think about…

How To Make Your Donors Feel Like Heroes In 2018

How to make your donors feel like heroes in 2018


At the heart of fundraising are compelling stories. We share these stories on our social media platforms, throughout our newsletters, and in our digital and offline appeal campaigns. The best stories are usually those of transformation, of beating the odds, of triumph over adversity. It could be the story of…

Tips For Database Segmentation

Tips for database segmentation


Derrick Brown offers some tried-and-true ideas for database management that will allow for effective segmentation in your direct marketing – and more meaningful interactions with your supporters.   Whether you are using a homegrown database or one of the many proprietary databases out there, you are tasked with determining what…

6 Tips For An Exciting, Donor-Centric Annual Report

6 Tips for an Exciting, Donor-Centric Annual Report


As the financial year draws to a close, the fundraisers amongst us are breathing a sigh of relief knowing our tax-time appeals are now behind us. The letters have been mailed, the emails are on their way, the thank-you notes are already written. We could almost be forgiven for putting…

How To Promote Your Tax Appeal Through Email And Social Media

How to Promote your Tax Appeal through Email and Social Media


12 tips for maximising the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign through digital channels When it comes to fundraising, the tax-time appeal ranks as one of the top two opportunities throughout the year alongside Christmas. And yet, many not-for-profits are leaving donations on the table by not partnering their Direct…

What Funders Want: Outcomes 101 For The Frontline Fundraiser

What Funders Want: Outcomes 101 for the Frontline Fundraiser


The world of philanthropy is transforming to results-focused giving. Tracking and measuring outcomes is no longer a nice to have or a buzzword, it is now imperative for fundraisers to embrace and communicate their organisations’ outcomes and results in order to stand out when competing for dollars and resources. What Funders…

How Charities Can Leverage The Influencer Marketing Trend

How Charities can Leverage the Influencer Marketing Trend


Guest post by everydayhero The popularity of influencer marketing has surged in recent years. While it’s been around as a marketing tactic for the best part of a century, this recent growth can be largely attributed to the sheer volume of content being shared across social media. Amidst so much…

6 Trends That Will Impact The Social Good Sector In 2017

6 Trends That Will Impact the Social Good Sector in 2017


We’re just three months in and already 2017 is shaping up to be a roller coaster of a year. With the constant changes, innovations, and breaking news impacting the sector, staying focused on the work that matters will be key for all of us. To help us navigate, Blackbaud leaders and industry…

Things Are Changing At Blackbaud

Things are Changing at Blackbaud


Article by Lianne McGrory, Director, Professional Services & Sales (core team) at Blackbaud Pacific I'm excited! Things are changing at Blackbaud. The past 18 months has seen innovative product releases, a growing range of services and now we are changing the way we support our customers by launching a formal…

Celebrating Not For Profit Passion At Bbcon Sydney 2016

Celebrating Not for Profit Passion at bbcon Sydney 2016


Headlining the event, which takes place 1-2 August at Doltone House in Sydney, is Mike Johnston, founder of global fundraising consultancy hjc and highest rated speaker at last year’s International Fundraising Congress. Johnston has helped charities raise over $1 billion using his Transformational Donor-Mapping Framework and will launch it in the…

Raiser’s Edge 7.94 Blog Series – Post 2 Of 2

Raiser’s Edge 7.94 Blog Series – Post 2 of 2


Dashboards and Pivot Reports changes Have you ever clicked on the Dashboards module and received the error, "Before you can use the Dashboard feature, you need to install Microsoft Office Web Components software."? Great news! We have updated the Dashboard technology from Office Web Components, so the installation of Office…

Raiser’s Edge 7.94 Blog Series – Post 1 Of 2

Raiser’s Edge 7.94 Blog Series – Post 1 of 2


Constituent level contact information - emails/phones/links off address In the next two weeks our blog series will cover more of what will be included in 7.94. January 25th, 2015 we will release The Raiser’s Edge 7.94 which includes the most anticipated update to RE based on customer feedback: the move…

Make The Most Of Your Bbcon Experience

Make the most of your bbcon experience


It’s only 2 weeks since bbcon came to a close for another year and for most of us it already seems a distant, happy memory. With everyone going back to their busy jobs, and most likely having to catch up on at least 2 days of work that was missed…

Can You Afford Not To Invest In Training?

Can you afford not to invest in training?


In many trades and professions we take for granted that skilled practitioner have invested intensive amounts of time and money in upskilling/training? We assume that the pilot captaining the plane we board has undergone years of vigorous training. From the master craftsmen sculpting your furniture to the chef who cooks…

If It’s Not In The Database, It Did Not Happen

If it’s not in the database, it did not happen


As part of the planning for our upcoming The Raiser's Edge User Group meetings, we have found it useful to think about the popular topics from last year’s meetings. One in particular that presented as a common theme was the challenges around getting people to use the system - in…