The Victor Chang Institute and Givalanche

Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute was founded in 1994 in memory of Dr Victor Chang with a mission to create a world without heart disease. Through heart surgery, Dr Victor Chang was able to save hundreds of lives, but he knew that research could save thousands. The Institute now uses Blackbaud’s online fundraising and email marketing tool, Online Express, to build their donation pages and forms. Through Online Express, online donations can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and email with Givalanche.

Givalanche is easy! It’s just a tick in a box and it automatically activates for people to start sharing with Twitter, Facebook and email.
– Eliana De Sousa, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Instittue

What were your initial thoughts when you heard about Givalanche?

“I thought it was a great idea. I didn’t know why it wasn’t being done before, especially with events as well, it could really build our audience. When someone makes an online donation, nobody knows about it and can actually join in and support. Social media is growing and sharing donations online allows more people to get involved.”

Do you see Givalanche fitting in with your current strategies?

“We’re always trying to get more donations to the Institute. Social media is such a big part of everyday life now. If people see others donating then it might actually give them an incentive to donate themselves. A lot of people like people knowing that they’re giving back. When you see someone donating, whether to a cause or an event, if their friends see it, that can be a trigger to join in as well. It’s about building awareness and trying to get people to start supporting.”

What impact has Givalanche had on your not for profit?

“As soon as we received the first donation, within five minutes, we already had 8 people donate with that going through. The donations ranged from $10 to $25-$30, and with all 8 donations, it came to $150 from an initial $25 pledge. Big or small, every donation counts.”

What future plans do you have for Givalanche?

“All of our online donation forms have got Givalanche now, and I will be using it for every form that’s created. Every little bit helps, and if this is a way of getting more donors then maybe people will start donating at a greater volume.”