Personalising Direct Mail Appeals through SegmentOmatic

A Case Study with ActionAid

ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty. To help create more personalised and effective appeals to their supporters ActionAid implemented an advanced segmentation tool, SegmentOmatic, and were able to increase their mailing segments from 14 to 85 in a fraction of the time and a cost savings of thousands of dollars in their first appeal.

In one appeal alone, we saved over a week in staff time and spent a third of the money on data processing costs. We expect to have these same savings with every appeal we send from now on.”
—Shannon Fleming, Head of Fundraising

Business Issue

ActionAid typically does seven big appeal mailings every year and previously would use fourteen standard segments to largely divide their donors into active and lapsed lists. However the time and resources spent on the complexity of these segments could take one to two weeks. Even with the time invested they were still very limited on what specific donor behaviours they could segment by.

“We also were spending a significant amount of money at our mailing house as we had so many separate lists and data files they had to process with each mailing.”

Reason for Partnership

SegmentOmatic integrates with Raiser’s Edge allowing for complex segments based off recency, frequency and monetary behaviours to be easily pulled from constituent transactional information. This level of segmentation was what ActionAid was wanting to accomplish in their mailings to target and strategically send personalised appeals to their supporters.

Capabilities Gained

With SegmentOmatic, ActionAid now has the ability to analyse and group donors based on their behaviours, allowing the organisation to have a more effective Direct Marketing program. The efficiencies and savings of using SegmentOmatic has been another major benefit of the tool.

We increased to about 85 segments for our February appeal this year, and are able to use the recency and monetary factors to be smarter about who we mail to. We can do a really complicated segmentation in about a half hour – something that could have taken more than a week before.”

Mission Impact

ActionAid were immediately able to increase their segmentation from 14 to 85 in their February appeal. These segments allowed ActionAid to send appeals based off prior behaviour rate and qualify high and middle value donors. They plan to go beyond this analysis and look at using it to help strategise their upcoming regular donor conversion campaign. In their first appeal using SegmentOmatic the organisation saved thousands of dollars in staff time and data processing costs. And the cost benefit is only expected to increase.

We expect to see better response rates and ROI through SegmentOmatic because we have the ability to better analyse and measure who we should be mailing.”

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