Modules & Add-ons

for Raiser's Edge™


Volunteer Module

What it does: The Volunteer Module coordinates your volunteers, tracks their hours, and ensures that they are being used effectively by scheduling them for assignments based on their availability and interests. With the Volunteer module, you can record and track specific information on skills, experiences, and certifications which helps ensure you’re properly matching personnel to opportunities. Plus, volunteers can sign up and manage their own profiles online.

Why it’s important: Volunteers want to give their time to you and your mission. This is invaluable so you need to treat them right by making sure you’re matching them with satisfying opportunities. Volunteers are also more likely to give money to your organisation. And because you’re tracking their work efforts in the Volunteer Module, Raiser’s Edge can easily integrate them into your marketing and fundraising strategies.

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Recurring Giving Module

What it does: The Recurring Giving Module allows donors to use their credit cards or banks accounts to give automatic donations on a regular frequency (usually monthly). With the number of automated actions involved in successfully managing a recurring giving program, this module is specifically designed to handle high volumes of data, yet give insight into data through easy-to-use reports. Plus, donors can manage their recurring giving program online from the comfort of their living room.

Why it’s important: Why should you start a Recurring Giving Program? Because a successful recurring gift program can expand your donor pool, increase donor retention, and make it easy for donors to give larger donations over time. Plus recurring giving easily integrates with other fundraising strategies, is cost-effective, and provides a predictable stream of funding.

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Membership Module

What it does: The Membership module enables you to run an effective membership program. You can keep track of your members and their activities. Plus you can quickly produce membership cards, lists, directories, and analysis reports. Because retention is the key to a successful membership program, you can reduce lapsed and dropped members by sending out renewal notices. You can also use barcode scanning to provide member services at kiosks and event-check-ins to fully integrate your membership program into the fundraising strategy.

Why it’s important: While a membership program alone is not enough to sustain an organisation, it can be a valuable part of your fundraising strategy when used in combination with other fundraising tools such as on-line fundraising, capital campaigns, and deferred giving programs. Not only can membership programs produce a steady annual flow of cash, they can generate an exclusive awareness and engage and cultivate donors so they make larger gifts in the future.

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Event Module

What it does: The Event Module enables you to organise and manage all of the fundraising events for your organisation in one place. You can record invitees, handle seating and easily accommodate guest’s needs such as travel, lodging and last minute seating changes. And most importantly, it will tally up how much money your event produces and whether it achieved your goal. Plus supporters can sign up for and manage their event registration online.

Why it’s important: Your events are not just events; they’re important instruments of your fundraising strategy. You need to know who in your database attends your event, and you need to know who attends your event, but isn’t in your database.

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Planned Giving Module

What it does: The Planned Giving Module enables the proper tracking of various types of planned gifts. Whether they are existing commitments or future opportunities, The Planned Giving Module stores important relationship information, complete donor giving histories, and payout data. Solicitation efforts are also accurately tracked which aid with key strategic decisions.

Why it’s important: Whether they are outright gifts that use appreciated assets as a substitute for cash, gifts that return income to the donor, or gifts payable upon the donor’s death, planned gifts can provide for the long-term sustainability of your organisation and mission, while offering compelling tax incentives to donors.

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Prospect Research Module

What it does: The Prospect Research Module manages prospective planned and major gift donors from identification and profiling to cultivating and soliciting major gifts or grants. It can ensure high quality donor service by easily maintaining all solicitations in one system.

Why it’s important: The Raiser’s Edge is more than just a rolodex of contacts – it can help you raise more money by looking at what kind of contacts you have. What’s their likelihood to give to your organisation? And what’s their capacity to give?

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Queue Module

What it does: The Queue Module helps you manage and execute repetitive tasks. It enables you to set up a sequence of reports, queries, imports, exports, and mailings that can be executed one after the other, run automatically, and run unattended.

Why it’s important: You’re busy and software exists to make your life easier. So why not use it? Think about how great it would be if you could spend your valuable time analysing the most meaningful report instead of figuring out how to send it to yourself? Yeah, that would be pretty great.

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Tribute Module

What it does: The Tribute Module records all gifts made in honour or memory of individuals, properly acknowledges donors, and informs the honouree or designated family members of each contributor what he or she gave. Plus, donors can make Tribute gifts from the comfort of their own homes or local cafe.

Why it’s important: Why start a Tribute Giving Program? Tribute gifts help celebrate special events such as birthdays, anniversaries or graduations or bring meaningful remembrance to a loved one who has passed away.

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Alumni Module

What it does: With the Alumni Module you can better reach, solicit, and manage your alumni. You can also generate reports by class to understand who’s giving and by how much, which will help inform your alumni relation efforts.

Why it’s important: The key to alumni relations is keeping in touch. When leaving school or university and moving on to the next challenge, it’s tough for alumni to find the time to keep in actively in touch and involved. So it’s up to you to provide the forum to make it easy for them to connect.

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Omatic Software Add-ons


Importing data made easy.

Process gifts faster and make data processing easy with this flexible import solution.

ImportOmatic seamlessly integrates with Raiser’s Edge so you can:

  • Easily import constituent, gift, and relationship data from external data files
  • Simultaneously process constituent and gift data
  • Quickly eliminate duplicate constituent files

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Make complex segmentations and ensure you reach the right supporters in your mail outs.

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List Management

Safely store acquisition or other lists within ImportOmatic, to easily convert to constituents.

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