The Peer-to-Peer Supporter Journey

eTapestry + everydayhero

Find the potential in every donor.

We believe supporters should be at the heart of your fundraising strategy.

With the new integration between Blackbaud’s CRM, eTapestry, & peer-to-peer platform, everydayhero, the ability to build detailed personas of your target audience groups is now a reality.

Start getting to know your donors beyond their basic demographic info. View the detailed map of their lives: the things they do, the challenges they face and the ‘moments that matter’ for them and their personal fundraising journey.

3 Steps to Peer-to-Peer Success

Find the Potential

Who are your most loyal supporters?

How active and engaged are they and what’s the value of their network?

Identify the ‘Moments that Matter’

At what point in the supporter journey can you make the biggest impact?
At the initial sign up, first gift…

Deliver a Meaningful Supporter Experience

Coach and nurture your P2P supporters with timely, emotive email communications, that recognise their support, celebrate their milestones and keep them motivated.

The integration of our two most important fundraising systems is a game-changer for AMDF. Having Peer-to-Peer data delivered directly to our marketing tool will have a huge impact on our nurturing capabilities. We’re excited by what we’ll be able to achieve as a result of this new intelligence, and the hours of manual importing it will save us.”

– Sean Murray, CEO of Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (AMDF)

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