Mobile Friendly

Is your Website Mobile Friendly?

Being a young person, and constantly on the move with work, I find that I am using my smartphone and tablet more and more, and using my computer less. In fact, I don’t think I’ve turned my personal computer on once this year, possibly because I got a shiny new iPad back in January.

Aside from the usual social media addiction – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the Tumblr I just created for my kittens (quick, someone get me a social life) – I’m also using my gadgets for work and everyday living. I’m booking travel; getting directions and finding the nearest gluten-free lunch; looking up people and companies; working out my public transport route; emailing and creating documents; paying bills; and shopping.  Most of my life now needs to filter through those little screens, and I need websites and apps to be quick, intuitive and to the point. There’s a lot I can achieve sitting on the bus, and a lot of money I can part with in a few swipes of my index finger, but my attention won’t hold for long download times, or bulky and complex content that won’t fit, or isn’t supported, on a gadget, or if I need to type in loads of data (my phone now auto-fills most things). OK, maybe I’m just an impatient Gen-Yer, but if I can’t easily use your website on my iPhone, you’ve lost me.

So, how does your website hold-up on a mobile or tablet device? Have you got a specially designed mobile-friendly version, with stripped back content and easy donation processing? If not, you should start to think about doing this. Mobile browsing is very different using the traditional computer, and your mobile website needs to consider this. Think about it like the difference between print newsletters and enewsletter. The cost could well be worth it, as people like me are embracing the easy efficiency of mobile devices, and did I mention how easy it is to part with your money on these things?