Regular Giving

What turns a stranger into a regular giver?

Shortening the Path to Regular Giving: A Mindreading Webinar
Presented by Michael Johnston & Karen Armstrong
View the on-demand webinar here >

Let’s face it – we really have no idea why we lose 90% of first time donors and why 10% decide to keep supporting.

Supporter behaviour is a complex beast and most of the time we’re just guessing. That is, until now.

Mike Johnston, the founder of global fundraising consultancy hjc, has developed a process which enables us to get inside peoples’ heads and identify the ‘trigger points’ that lead to engagement.

As mysterious as it sounds, Mike’s ‘Transformational Journey Mapping’ is based purely on insights from the commercial world that have been translated to transform our approach to regular giving.

Joining Mike for the webinar is Karen from More Strategic, to discuss the role of emotions in marketing and how we can tell our stories to optimise the donor’s journey.

Shortening the Path to Regular Giving: A Mindreading Webinar
View the on-demand webinar here >

This is pretty radical stuff and has been making some serious waves across the Not for Profit community.

Mike was the highest rated speaker at last year’s International Fundraising Congress and we are thrilled to announce that he will be unveiling Transformational Journey Mapping to the Australian market for the first time at bbcon in August (get your tickets now!).