Community Fundraising

The Do’s and Do’s of Community Fundraising

Community fundraising is a great way for your organisation to raise additional funds and to connect to new audiences of potential supporters and donors. If it is done right, it’s a great way for your loyal supporters to feel more engaged with your work and contribute to it. However, often this type of fundraising that is meant to be relatively low in staff time and costs can take up considerable resources. Below are a few ways to ensure your program is as effortless, organised and successful as possible.

Do make it as easy for your supporters to find information about organising fundraising events. Have a special section on your website where they can find and download the information and give the phone number of the staff person they should be calling should they have any other questions.

Do ensure that you approve all events and any related marketing material to ensure that the tone, branding and type of event are appropriate and something you don’t mind your organisation being associated with.

Do have a community fundraising application form that makes it clear about what kind of events you will and won’t approve and what your receipting policy is for community fundraising events. Make sure that applicants read, understand and sign the form which should include any rules or regulations they must adhere to.

Do ensure that all events meet with any relevant legislation that you must adhere to in order to maintain your charitable status.

Do have a variety of pre-approved marketing materials, such as posters, invitations and information brochures, available on your website or that you can mail to community fundraisers. These will already meet your branding standards and make it easy for community fundraisers to advertise their event.

Do follow-up with community fundraisers once the event has been approved but before it takes place to ensure that they have everything they need and that the event is running smoothly.

Do gather information about event attendees and, with their permission, send them further information about your organisation or future appeals. It’s a great way to acquire new supporters without having to purchase a list. Make sure that you record on their gift which tribute/ event they gave through and reference that on the appeal if possible so they know why they are getting mail from you.

Do thank the community fundraiser for their efforts and ensure that you follow up with them on what the money they raised will do just as you would for a donor to one of your appeals. A certificate of thanks is always appreciated and a simple thing to produce.