Getting the most out of your EOFY Tax Receipts

If your organisation has a regular giving program, or prefers to send out consolidated annual receipts to your one-off donors, you are probably already in the midst of preparing these documents for the end of the 2011/12 financial year.

In addition to providing your donors with information to help them prepare their tax return, these receipts provide an excellent opportunity for your organisation to engage with your donors. Some things you may want to include in these end of year receipts are:

– A report on what your donors’ contributions have helped your organisation to achieve over the last year. This is a great acknowledgement of what their support means and reminds them why their ongoing financial contributions are so important.

– A request to validate and/or update their contact information. Obviously, you must have their postal address to be able to send them their receipt, but this is a great chance to collect new phone numbers and email addresses, as well as to ensure that the ones you already have are correct.

– If you want to carry out a survey amongst your donors but are worried about keeping costs down, including a short survey with your EOFY tax receipts is a great way to save on additional mailing costs whilst you gather more information about your donors and their interests.

– Include an option for your donors to indicate an interest in making a bequest to your organisation. Regular donors are amongst your most loyal and make good prospects for planned giving.

– If the receipt is for a regular donor who has stopped their regular gift to your organisation during the year, provide them with an option/opportunity to restart their donation.

– If the receipt is for an active regular donor, provide them with an option/opportunity to increase their regular giving amount or make an additional one-time gift.