Online Donation

Getting a Handle on Your Online Donation Forms

All too often we see online donation forms that neglect to inform potential donors of any kind of tangible impact that their suggested giving amounts will have.  By neglecting to offer a clear and concise guide as to how much difference a donation of a certain amount is going to make – these forms are not only missing out on increased average amounts, but also on improved conversion rates.

By setting up “dollar handles” for your predefined ask amounts, you can give your donors an increased motivation to donate, and more of a reason to donate greater amounts.

“Why would I want to give to your charity?” and “How much should I donate?” are the two questions you need to provide answers for.

Explain what the donation will achieve.  Providing a guide for the impact of a donation allows the donor to make a quick decision on how much they’re willing to contribute (and if they will at all).  Even if your fundraising campaigns are not very specific, you can word these in such a way that they give a more generalised overview of what the funding will go towards, and the effect it will have on your organisation’s work.

Inspire your donors visually.  If you have images that relate to the giving level, then include a little thumbnail related to each amount in order to engage in an instant and appealing way.  If you haven’t got suitable images, then at least consider some creative styling of the layout of your dollar handles.

Consider the digits.  We’re seeing more and more mobile and tablet users making donations so please be mindful of usability.  Ensure that you leave enough padding around your donation amount options, using 44 pixels as a general rule of thumb for a touch friendly ‘zone’ size.  This includes your radio buttons (if you’re using those), text fields, and other inputs.  This extends not just to those with mobile friendly sites.

Improving the engagement of your online donors and inspiring a gift can realistically be achieved with very little work by implementing dollar handles to your ask amounts.  If you’re not already including dollar handles, and if you’re still not convinced, then I urge you to try it out with a split-test and see what difference it makes for your own donor pool.