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Your Best Year Yet: Fundraising Trends 2016

Your Best Year Yet: Fundraising Trends 2016
Presented by Christian Heckenberg
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Start your 2016 on trend!

From hot topics to predictions on the future of fundraising, listen to the recording of Your Best Year Yet: Fundraising Trends 2016 by Christian Heckenberg, Blackbaud Pacific’s Charity Development Manager. Gain insight into some of the major fundraising trends for 2016.

From Christian’s perspective, this is what you and your not for profit should be keeping an eye on in the coming months.

Crowdfunding vs. P2P

Crowdfunding will be big in 2016, there’s no doubt about that – but not without serious flaws, as there are no guarantees and all it is really is a loose agreement with no definite return. Existing fundraising events using a P2P platform, such as everydayhero, can give your fundraisers the ability to promote the cause and also gives security of how the money will be used and the donors will be able to claim tax on their donations.


With the growth of mobile yet the middle ground of desktop/laptop users, there’s a dilemma when it comes to marketing your message as you can easily miss a demographic. The most successful fundraisers in 2016 will focus on multichannel campaigns – both online and offline. Try thinking about how you can approach the campaign from a perspective of how many ways you can get the message out to make sure as many people as possible can participate.


The spotlight on not for profit organisation reporting has intensified in recent years, giving the public more voice to punish organisations that are not clear on their use of supporter funds by withdrawing their support.

Social Data

While social media and its impact grows every year, it still does not drive the results expected for many charities. Social media intelligence is more than posts and tweets and engagement metrics, social data management requires a systematic method tied in with your overall strategy (think multichannel).


You will start to see 2016 as the year when cloud services from multiple organisations (and within the same organisations) will talk to each other in ways not easily accessible in the past.

Listen to the recording >

Fundraising Trends 2016