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In both fundraising and awareness-raising, we need to offer our supporters a range of options to suit their capacities and interests. When I was a university student, I was a really engaged fundraiser and campaigner. I was marching in rallies, dancing in public, hosting events, chairing committees and speaking at any opportunity.  But these days, I’m a pretty lazy campaigner and donor. I still care as much as ever, but I want to offer my support from my desk, at my computer, maybe with my slippers on.

  • Utilising online tools such as eNewsletters, online giving and social media is great for attracting and engaging the time-poor donor and/or campaigner. Here are some tips for easy and effective armchair options.
  • Offer a simple ask. Be it ‘Liking’ your Facebook page, signing a petition, or making a donation – your supporters should always be given an easy option that takes only a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Make the ask visible. You don’t want people to miss it. In eMarketing, for example, you should put your ask in bold, repeat the ask several times in the body, and use the P.S. to drive it home.
  • Sound-Bites. Supporters should be able to get a ‘sound-bite’ of who you are and what you do from your website homepage and social media accounts.
  • DONATE NOW. This button should be everywhere, and goes straight to your online giving page.
  • Quick Sign-Up. Although we want to get lots of data on our supporters, we need to balance that with getting them on the database in the first place. A good idea is to have an eNewsletter sign-up on your homepage, with only the email address and name fields required.
  • Make the most of Regular Giving. As a self-confessed Lazy Donor, regular giving is my favourite. I only sign-up once, yet I’m giving every month. What’s easier than that?
  • P.S. See, I knew you’d read the “P.S.” Another tip is to think about your own behaviour online. How many mailing lists are you signed up to? Which ones do you actually read? What do you retweet, like or share? What charities have you given to online? Think about what works and doesn’t work for you.


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