RACI Matrix

Ensure clear responsibilities with a RACI Matrix – Part 2

Check out Part 1 for more information on what the RACI Matrix is and when it can be helpful.

How can you approach putting a RACI together?

  1. List out all your resources
  2. List out all of the deliverables on the project, and group them via project phase (the grouping is not 100% necessary, but it makes the review a lot easier)
  3. For each deliverable, mark an A for Accountable against the appropriate resource (I’ll come back to why I start with A in a minute)
  4. For each deliverable, mark an R for Responsible against the resources who will be doing the work
  5. For each deliverable, mark a C for Consulted and I for Informed where applicable
  6. Review the RACI with the team and ensure that every resource understands their responsibilities and agrees to what’s documented

The reason I start with the A is that every deliverable should only have one A. The document won’t serve its purpose having more than one resource accountable for a deliverable as this will cause confusion. Where something is not delivered, there will be finger pointing with people saying “I thought it was the other guy responsible for that”.

One A per deliverable is the golden rule of the RACI Matrix.

You can have more than one R per deliverable, but try not to have too many. This will overburden people and bog down progress. I aim to have no more than 4 R’s for each deliverable. If you need more than that then consider breaking down the deliverable in to multiple parts and assign them out that way.

A C and I are optional for each deliverable. Some deliverables may not need consultation, or informing particular people. Use your best judgment here.

Once you have your RACI Matrix agreed it’s a great tool to assist with tracking your deliverables to a successful conclusion. I’d love to hear from you about your successes with it in the comments section below.