Digital Online Fundraising

Are you making the most of digital fundraising?

There are endless possibilities for connecting with your donors in a modern world. Christian Heckenberg takes us through the stages to ensuring small to medium-sized not for profits are making the most of digital fundraising.

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Start with a plan.

Think about what you’re trying to achieve with your digital fundraising. Brainstorm the ways your charity helps its cause and why this deserves your donors support. By setting the tone initially, you can move forward with your marketing strategy: is it serious and urgent or fun and relaxed?

Tell a compelling story.

  • START – Tell people why you’re connecting with them.
  • UPDATE – Plan on telling people the progress while asking for support.
  • SHOW – When you can, start sharing the positive impact of your activities.
  • REPEAT – Continue the story in a way that ties into your messaging.

Create a multi-step email campaign.

Acquiring new donors is difficult and expensive, studies have demonstrated that it takes 6-12 interactions before someone turns from a supporter into a donor. Treat an email campaign like a book with each message a chapter of the story. For example: In the first introductory emails, make your cause known and update your donors on your fundraising activities. Follow up with a reminder and another update email. Finish your campaign with the end result of where their funds will go.

Your donors want to read your emails anywhere, on any device. To do this, your email platform needs to be reliable. Ensure you can track open rates, click throughs and manage unsubscribes. Test the way your campaign looks and the interaction across all devices. Finally, close the loop and make sure the emails and website have calls to actions to create a measurable result.

Plan your campaign follow up.

Set performance targets – and make them realistic and achievable! Don’t just set targets on the number of new donors, have a blended performance result that includes number of subscibers and likes on social media. The more ways to measure your communications, the better.

Listen to the recording here >