Increase Online Donations

7 Steps to Increasing Online Donations

How many people do you know that don’t have access to the internet? I’m willing to bet the number is fairly low.

Your organisation should be making your online presence a top priority for raising awareness and, of course – fundraising.

Below are some top tips on improving the online experience for your donors:

1. Make it EASY to give:

  • Your donation page should be no more than 3 clicks from your homepage
  • If possible, have an obvious Donate button on your website – consider using a bold colour or different font size to make it stand out.
  • Keep the positioning of the Donate button consistent throughout the site to make it easy to find
  • Make the donation form short so donors don’t lose interest part way through the process
  • Accept multiple payment methods to avoid excluding certain donors

2. KEEP them on your site through the process

Don’t send them to a third party – this is both distracting and off-putting

3. Make your website and donation page MOBILE RESPONSIVE

Frost and Sullivan, an independent market research consultancy, have predicted that by 2018 New Zealand will have 90% smartphone ownership and 78% tablet ownership, so your site needs to be able to work on these devices.

4. Keep the donation page SIMPLE

Don’t have anything that could distract them from making the donation.

5. Offer a VARIETY of donation amounts and show them the IMPACT that these will have:

e.g. $5 = feed a child for a day
$25 = provide school equipment for a term

This helps donors spread the cost of a more significant donation. Over a 12 month period the average gift amount is generally higher than single gifts so it’s worth your while offering this option.

7. Show your APPRECIATION with an immediate Thank You and Receipt