New Year

5 Ways to Revamp the New Work Year for 2016

After the holidays getting back into the swing of work can be hard. But 2016 is here and your supporters, co-workers and board members are waiting to see what new fundraising ideas and campaigns you have for this year so it’s time to jump back in!

Here are my 5 New Year work resolutions for 2016 (feel free to borrow one or two!).

1: Unplug during work
Logging out of your Outlook, hiding your phone and turning off office messenger for 30 – 60 minute increments will help you work on your projects without distraction and become more efficient on your tasks at hand.

Try working this into your daily routine and when those big projects roll around, you’ll be thanking yourself later.

2: Embrace “No”
Wearing multiple hats in your job can be great. Bouncing from task to task helps keep your mind alert and allows you to take breaks from specific tasks and return to later with a fresh perspective. However, don’t forget you are one person – it’s okay to say no to tasks that aren’t your responsibility or if it puts higher priority items at risk.

3: Let someone else inspire you
As fundraisers you inspire supporters every day, but don’t forget to be inspired yourself. Take 15 minutes each week for inspirational podcasts (such as On Being, a podcast about mindfulness), TED talks or even unique or informative blogs. Letting yourself stop and enter someone else’s journey for a short time on your commute or during your afternoon coffee break can help inspire your own creativity, provide a new perspective to the campaign you’re working on or just make you more grateful and appreciative for those around you.

4: Decorate your work space
Go light on the decorating, you don’t want people to think it’s your birthday when they walk by your desk, but add something to your desk space that will make you smile when you need that mental perk. A card from a loved one, words of encouragement, photo of your pet or from your last holiday, fresh flowers. Don’t have an assigned desk? Splurge on a $5 coloured coffee mug that brightens your day or change your laptop’s wallpaper with a quote or photo of your dream vacation.

When work gets stressful those little mementos will remind you to stop, breath, smile and carry on doing your good work.

5: Remember why you do what you do
It may sound obvious but take time to recognise and see the good work you do. Stop by your animal shelter, take a walk through the coastal reserve, sponsor a child, help out at the food kitchen you coordinate or attend a graduation.

You help to make the world a better place – pinpoint what makes you passionate about your cause and put a monthly calendar reminder to take time out of your day to revisit that passion and purpose.

Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing all your great work in 2016!