5 Reasons Your Not for Profit Needs a Virtual Store

Virtual stores aka eStores are everywhere and there’s a reason – people like the convenience of shopping online.

Here are 5 reasons your not for profit should consider adding on an eStore:

  1. It’s virtual – You don’t need prime real estate to get your products noticed. This lower overhead cost allows you to put more $$ into your goods and cause. An eStore can also provide a visual way for supporters to donate to your cause through virtual products. For example, purchasing a goat or chicken for a family in Africa.
  2. eStore’s increase your online presence – With an estore you can have more options available online for your supporters. Whether it’s physical or virtual products, memberships, or event registration, it gives supporters more ways to interact with you, to see what you have available and to support you. Your estore can integrate with your current website so the design & structure are seamless between website and estore making a supporter feel confident they’re still supporting your organisation.
  3. They are quick and easy – If you have a new program or find seasonal products work well for you, estore’s allow you to quickly add items online to be available to your supporters in a day’s notice. Platforms that are flexible and can integrate into your system give you the option of streamlining your processes to make this easy.
  4. Gather more data on your supporters – Having an estore that integrates with your database allows you to track purchasing behaviours of your supporters and engage with new supporters based off their purchases. Track and record demographic information or simply personalise their emails with their name.
  5. eStores are cost effective – Updating physical brochures or catalogues every season or even year can be costly to print and mail to supporters. With a virtual store you can update your catalogue and email it out to your supporter base without the hassle or cost of designers, printers or mail houses.

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