A Celebration of Fundraising Innovation

Share. Learn. Grow

One of the best.

Diversity. Inspiration. Opportunity.

These were just some of the words used to describe bbcon 2016: a celebration of the passion that powers the Not for Profit sector.

Thank you to everyone that made it such an inspirational event. When 300 fundraisers get together something magical really does happen and we can’t wait to see what the coming year brings.

It is a smorgasbord of best practice ideas from the best in the business!
– Diane Southwell, University of the Sunshine Coast

We couldn’t possibly summarise all the incredible insights we gained in the those 2 days, but here’s what you told us were your biggest takeaways:

  • ‘The importance of CX and finding ‘the moments that matter’ for my supporters’
  • ‘That a database is only as powerful as the people that use it – it is what we make of it’
  • ‘If we can change attitudes, we’ll change behavour and get better results’
  • ‘If I don’t record it, it never happened’
  • ‘We should work with rather than trying to change supporter behaviour’
  • ‘Getting smarter with our technology will free up our time to spend face to face with supporters’

And this is what you’re going to do as direct result of attending bbcon:

  • ‘Look at finding new & innovative ways to find lost alumni’
  • ‘Push user personas harder’
  • Apply insights and journey mapping
  • ‘Look more closely at my online fundraising & make improvements’
  • ‘More mapping, exploring new systems’
  • ‘Follow my passion more actively. I realised that the things I care about are worth fighting for’
  • ‘Increase our number of mid-value donors’
  • ‘Investigate use of mobile’
  • ‘Explore Raiser’s Edge NXT’

Informative, Insightful, Inspiring
I loved being surrounded by like-minded people.
-Shelby Huntley, SPCA Canterbury

We can’t wait to see you all again next year!

To #sharethepassion of bbcon, check out this 90 second video.


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