Fundraising Appeal

3 Simple Steps to a Last Minute Fundraising Appeal

In fundraising, every day is a new day to raise more money for your cause. Some days require more of a rapid response than others; this may mean sending out last minute email blast, direct mail or making crucial phone calls to push out your fundraising appeal. As many charities rely on the 24-hour news cycle to generate new campaigns for their cause, a strategy needs to be in place each time a last minute fundraising appeal arises.

1. Focus on the donor

Start with your messaging: why is this appeal important to your donor? Your supporters already know your brand, your mission. They care about the cause. And you, you know your donors best.

You’ve most likely heard the term ‘donor centric’ thrown around in the fundraising world. Rory Green, from Fundraiser Grrl, puts it better than I ever could in a blog about relationships for results; she says “being donor centric means paying attention to how your donors behave and making smart decisions based on those observations.” In fact, Rory knows a lot about how you can ensure your donors are falling in love with your cause, time and time again, even when the ask may seem last minute and rushed — because they believe in your cause. We’re lucky enough to have Rory speak in an hour webinar next week about donor love; how to listen to your donors, how to talk to your donors, how to help them feel joy through philanthropy. You can join tomorrow’s the webinar here at 11am AEST.

2. Create a sense of urgency

To get your donors to act, you need to connect your campaign to their emotions. People respond or take action when they’re compelled to act now. Tell them why you need their support now, over tomorrow, or the next day, or the next. How do you do this? Set a deadline for the campaign. If your donor doesn’t act by X date, X won’t be possible, X won’t be saved, etc. Take the EOFY for example, even though it comes around every year, its always the time of year when Australian charities are creating a sense of urgency to give that last push to their supporter base. Here’s some great tips to put into practice to nail your tax appeal this year – whether it’s last minute or not.

3. Optimise your donation page

Your online donations are crucial to your last minute fundraising appeal. To convert donors quickly, you need to have the right tools to receive the donation. “Your organisation should be making your online presence a top priority for raising awareness, and of course – fundraising,” says Genn Stephen, our Solutions Engineer, in her 7 steps to increasing online donations. The most standout advice from this is: make it easy. Your donation page should be no more than 3 clicks from your homepage, even so, make it obvious how/where to donation from the homepage. And keep your donors on your site for the entire donation process or you risk both a “distracting” and “off-putting” experience. Set up “dollar handles” for your predefined asks, you can give your donors an increased motivation to donate (and in greater amounts!).