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12 Great Blog Posts for the Not for Profit Marketer

The best way to improve, is to learn from others. We’ve compiled a list of up-to-date blogs about not for profits, #nptech and fundraising that you must be reading as a marketer for your cause. From email marketing to social media, here’s a list of learnings from around the web that will make your job – and your not for profit marketing – that much better.

5 Communication Strategies to Grow Your Nonprofit’s Monthly Giving Program, HubSpot

“Consider framing your appeals as an invitation into your inner circle of committed supporters. This should be reflected on your website and in your emails. By becoming a monthly donor, they can join an honorary group that impacts your nonprofit’s growth tremendously.”

Marketing Tools for Your Nonprofit and When They’re Effective, Nonprofit Hub

“When you’re looking to create a more personal touch with your communications, consider direct mail over email. In this technological age when our inboxes are often flooded, sometimes it’s a nice surprise when we receive a personal, traditional piece of mail.”

10 Blog Content Ideas for Nonprofits, Nonprofit Tech for Good

“With more than 250 million blogs in existence and countless online news outlets worldwide, your new media manager must excel at writing and have the ability to expand their storytelling, marketing, and fundraising content beyond traditional blog writing. The rise of mobile and social media has profoundly altered how journalists frame and format their stories, and the same is true for nonprofit bloggers.”

Your eNews and Social Media Should Get Married. Really., Nonprofit Marketing Guide

“Think about it: for most nonprofits, email and social media are the two primary channels through which you regularly update your community of program participants, supporters, and other important influencers. It makes zero sense to manage them separately.”

Email gets nonprofits donations, but young donors live on social and mobile, Mashable

“The analysis of more than 100 leading nonprofits, 2.8 billion emails and 69.4 million subscribers shows that nonprofits still heavily rely on email to promote their causes, when they should be giving more attention to mobile and social media.”

How to Influence the Conversation Around Your Next Campaign, NPEngage

“There’s a flurry of conversation happening about the issues your organization works on that can move the needle on your campaign. The best part is that these conversations are happening with your current supporters…in your CRM.”

Get More from Your Fundraising Events, HubSpot

“Focus on getting to know your event-goers on a personal level so that you can empathize with them. Human connections are often difficult to replicate online, so it’s important to make the most out of all the face time that you have—it’s a treasure trove. And because your donors are often busy individuals, it’s rare that you’ll be able to wrangle them into a room together.”

Are you making the most of digital fundraising?, The Fundraising Funnel

“Acquiring new donors is difficult and expensive, studies have demonstrated that it takes 6-12 interactions before someone turns from a supporter into a donor. Treat an email campaign like a book with each message a chapter of the story.”

Should You Use Pop-Ups on Your Nonprofit’s Website?, WiredImpact

“Not all pop-ups are created equal. Sure, they’ve gotten a bad rap, and some of that is well deserved. Pop-ups can be pesky and a quick way to alienate your website visitors. But done right, pop-ups can also be complementary to the user experience, rather than distracting.”

Find Your Most Engaged Members and Donors with Inbound Marketing, HubSpot

“Log in. Click through records. Learn about the people you’re aiming to reach on an individual level. Pinpoint qualitative patterns that you can validate with quantitative information.”

3 Things I Learned About Storytelling While Writing The Storytelling Non-Profit, NPEngage

“Being a consistent storyteller will look different for every organization. But it starts with this question – what’s one small action you can take every day to keep telling great stories?”

[VIDEO] How to Be a Better Storyteller, The Storytelling Non-Profit

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