Which Fundraising System? A Guide For First-Time Buyers

Which Fundraising System? A Guide for First-Time Buyers


Many of us don’t have “Purchase Big Database” in our job description, let alone experience in what can be a substantial process and investment. This blog aims to give first-time buyers confidence by outlining a typical process of selecting the right system. Project Mission The first step is to define…

4 Tips For Database Segmentation

4 Tips for Database Segmentation


Derrick Brown offers some tried-and-true ideas for database management that will allow for effective segmentation in your direct marketing – and more meaningful interactions with your supporters. Whether you are using a homegrown database or one of the many proprietary databases out there, you are tasked with determining what data should…

Why Is The Cloud Right For Your Not For Profit?

Why is the Cloud Right for Your Not for Profit?


Most organisations have a basic understanding of cloud technology but the next question becomes… “Should I make the switch to the cloud?” Not for profits are striving to invest more in their core missions, decrease the cost of operations, and ultimately execute more successfully. For many, the dilemma is how to…

3 Must-Haves For A Fundraising CRM

3 Must-Haves for a Fundraising CRM


Throughout my career I've been involved in many charitable organisations and worked with fundraising teams of all different sizes, from large and noisy multi-level offices to one-man shows tucked away in small makeshift offices. I've seen every possible way to manage relationships and donor data – from the most sophisticated,…

The Analytics Forecast: Cloudy Days Ahead

The Analytics Forecast: Cloudy Days Ahead


Cloud analytics offer unrivaled opportunities to pinpoint the most effective ways to accelerate the mission of your organisation and enable the highest quality solutions. I’m going to touch on three types of analytics that paint an exciting forecast for not for profits that leverage the cloud:  Data Health Usage Statistics Smart Software…

Track Your Volunteers Within Your Database

Track your Volunteers within your Database


Volunteers are an essential element for many organisations to achieve their mission. Whether it’s assisting in events, running programs or providing admin relief – your organisation would not be where it is today without them. Properly managing your volunteers is critical to the success of your volunteer program. If it’s: too…

Is Your Database Your Single Source Of Truth?

Is your Database your Single Source of Truth?


After talking with an organisation recently it became very clear that though they had a fundraising database, they didn’t use it collectively as an organisation. A fundraiser would occasionally add a new donor or put notes under a returning donor, but it wasn’t consistent throughout the organisation and their database…

Is Your Database Saving You Time?

Is your database saving you time?


In my opinion there’s nothing more frustrating than poorly designed software, where you spend more time doing workarounds than actually using the standard functionality. In this technological age, software companies are racing to create the most user friendly,  intuitive, and helpful software they can; software which requires little or no…

The Trends In Giving

The trends in giving


On May 26, NAB hosted a breakfast to share insights from the annual NAB Charitable Giving Index report. Panellists from NAB, Australian Red Cross and Everyday Hero discussed the impact of the economy on giving, giving trends, and how charities are leveraging data and digital channels. Impact of the economic…

6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Fundraising Database

6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Fundraising Database


Without good data your whole fundraising strategy falls down. How can you report on your fundraising success if you can’t figure out which gifts have been paid? How can you accurately segment your donors if everyone on the team records information differently?  Without good data it is impossible for you…

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